Shadewood silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven
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forward dated to the 20th

a day had passed since his birth and the boy felt as though he had discovered a monumental new world. nothing did compare to the rich and vast creations that he had conjured up in his sleeping mind, but he could feel a stirring in his spirit. deku had grown somewhat more confident in his ability to wiggle a few inches away from his mother. he had even discovered how to return to her side rather promptly. still, he was adventurous enough that he tempted himself to scoot a little further.
in that moment, deku was snugged closely beside the sleeping minori. he had found a sense of peace in the rising and falling that her breathing caused. it was almost like a soft lullaby that tempted him to sleep every time he felt it. hunger was what had kept him awake and aware, though. the pale child was in search of milk so that he might feel the comfort of a full stomach.
April 16, 2019, 02:49 PM
RIP Issun
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there had better be someone to take up issun’s daily duties, because he surely wasn’t going to tend to them. his only concern was to stay near his little family. it was a soothing job, completely opposite to the hustle and bustle he was used to. he only needed to move when minori needed food or water, but all he needed to do was sit outside the den most of the time. it gave him time to rest and admire the little pup.

issun was wide awake when his son began to stir. his ears pushed towards his quiet movements. “good morning little fella.” he stood up and quietly made his way inside the den. he was unsure whether or not @Minori would appreciate his presence (he’d definitely know if she woke up) but he couldn’t help himself! issun leaned forward and curiously sniffed deku.
April 16, 2019, 03:09 PM
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the rumbling of his father’s voice could be felt, and deku found it incredible. the dark-pointed child lifted up a weak skull in an attempt to be closer to the newer presence in the room. his little head bobbed without the strength to support it. with a squeak and a peep, deku reveled in the breathing of his dad against him. the curious sniffs were welcome from issun. in return, deku extended his little snoot forward and bumped his nose against his father’s.
a squeal of delight made its way from his mouth. deku was so pleased that he had made contact with another figure. something within him recognized the familial bond that he shared with the dark male. it was something that was riddled in his bones and skin that spoke of their shared blood. deku practically glowed with happiness at the moment they had together.