Shadewood we are burning our fingers
Private  April 16, 2019, 04:53 PM
Shadewood Keep
Second Fang

Puffs of grey slathered the sky in cloaked smears, shielding the keep from the gasps of light struggling to peek between the curtain above. It was a dreary day, just the same as any other, but a weight sat heavy on the shoulders of the empress; she had a goal today, and it was to search. Discover. A curse was choking the throat of her husband and, amongst all the tragedy of her past, she feared she could not face another loss so large - if she failed, she'd drown in the same darkness that consumed him. But if she succeeded, and banished the plaguing demons, perhaps they could be free. Peace.

Was it so foolish, to endlessly wish for such a treat?

Regardless of the tenebrosity lingering in their ranks, Gwen had become weary of being chained into the confines of the territory, ordered not to interfere with matters that could damage her health. She was not permitted to fight, or hunt, and without this, she was left wondering what she could do. Investigations would fill up her time, provide her with a task that mattered, whether the others would make note of her actions or not; she did not care for the recognition, but in this case, the rewards mattered. They could, even, be the difference between life or death - not of Cry, but of Raziel. Raziel was trapped in there, somewhere, and she was determined to release him once more: the kind man, the one who loved, who protected, not the tyrant who revelled in his power. 

Bull. The huntress had taken little notice of his arrival amongst their family, and there was always a chance his motives were purely innocent; but she feared that perhaps she had not taken enough of an interest in greeting every member within their private home. Why did her husband speak so frequently with him, and never once mention their closeness with her? Gwendolyn knew it wrong to judge without evidence, so on this cloudy morning, she set off - to greet him, to formally introduce herself, and perhaps indulge herself on who this really was.

Perhaps simply to set her mind at ease, or, on the other hand, he would be the key to unlocking the secrets she desired.

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