Sunspire Mountains Ten thousand miles
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Tagging @Liri for reference. Let me know if anything needs to edited. Fordated to the morning after her fall.
Sorin had left the Vale in search of Liri, concerned over where she may have gone. He had planned to speak with her regarding the coming war, but had been unable to find her. He had scoured the entirety of the Vale, but had found no sign of the ivory women. His concern had grown into true worry, and he had quietly left the valley, looking for any indication of where she might have gone.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours of searching, he picked up her scent, as well as her distinctive three legged track. A wild hope seized him, and he followed the faint trail eagerly. But his hope curdled into horror as he came upon the scene of her fall. The ground was covered with blood, leading Sorin to guess she had suffered a head wound. Only head wounds bled so much. His breath caught in his throat, and his legs shook as he made his way closer to where she had presumably fallen. He sniffed around, hoping to catch her scent leading away. She had obviously not died here.

It took some time, but he was able to ascertain her general direction of travel. Away from the Vale, towards the southwestern valleys. She had left the Vale. Had left her pack. Had left him.

For a moment, Sorin felt a fierce sense of betrayal. Surely, she would have come back to the pack. Especially if she were wounded. Surely, she wouldn't have just left them all. She couldn't be that cruel, could she.

Sorin knew deep down that something was amiss, something had happened that he was not aware of. He had no idea as to why Liri had not returned immediately, but he knew it was not voluntary. She would have returned, given the choice. So something had taken that choice from her.

He gazed out over the lowlands where Liri had seemed to go, weighing his options. He could go after her, figure out what had happened to her. Or he could stay in the Vale, and try to salvage the remnants of the pack.

He had promised, when they first met, to be at her side, to help her heal. He simply couldn't go back on his word now. To break such a vow would be unimaginable cruel to a soul who had already suffered so much.

Yet, leaving the Vale also seemed cruel. The wolves there had come together to form a pack, and with Liri seemingly gone, Sorin felt somewhat obligated to step up. Diaspora wouldn't let the disappearance of the alpha get in the way of taking the Vale. And he didn't want to see the pack fall.

But is it a pack anymore. No, the more he thought, the more he realized the group would likely disperse with Liri gone. She had held them together, been the common ground for all of them. Besides, nothing had been official before all of this. With her gone, their wasn't anything tying the group together. He knew, or at least he hoped, that they would all be alright.

Running away again are you? his demon whispered slyly. Sorin growled, shaking his head. No, he was not running away this time. This time, he was running towards someone, someone who surely needed his help. He wouldn't allow Liri to suffer this alone. He had a promise to keep.

Thus, the shadow set out towards Kintla, following her fading scent trail. I'll find you Liri, whatever it takes.
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