Shadow Mountain vi. like Rome
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Lone Wolves

Though the star-kissed girl had chosen to remain near @Llyr (reference) she was by no means bound to his side. The soft blue of dawn would find her gone from the Hollow, nimbling over fallen tree and scattered stone alike as she trailed the fox. 

In any other circumstance, the northborn would have been amiable - happy to let the vixens of the wood be (they'd been there first after all). This particular canid, however, had stolen from her fish snares - a fox Rhælla could abide, a thief she could not. 

Thus she clambered with care over precarious footing, ascending to the peaceful slopes of the high rise with her pink nose lowered - hunting after the blue-pelted trickster.

"Even princesses and she-wolves bleed."
"Common." "Lirean."
June 15, 2019, 05:29 AM
Lone Wolves

at this point, falquan follows a path for the sake of following a path. aurëwen's scent trail is long since faded from the ground. he picks a direction out of need — there is a lot of wilds to cover but even so he does not try to fool himself. he knows the chances of him stumbling across her on coincidence are little more than hopeful slivers and almost entirely unlikely. so, he focuses on keeping eyes and ears open, asking strangers if they've seen her as he goes along, tending mostly to his own survival. he won't be able to do his job when — if — he finds her if he's starving and unkempt.

the tirn moves along the bottom of the wide mountain, tracking the crisscrossing scents of foxes in the hopes of hunting himself a meal outta one of them only to hear the footfalls from above. he peers up and feels his hackles bristle in surprise to see a dark pelaged wolf — woman, from the scent — ascending the slope. in the interest of not startling her and causing her to fall from the precarious path she appeared to be taking upwards he remains silent thinking that he could pass through beneath her path unnoticed.


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