Oystercatcher Tide Pools Mission Failed we'll get 'em next time
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@Bat maybe? Or @Viinturuth?

She could now add Seabirds to the list of things she hated.

Harlow had left the grove to explore a little bit and see if she could rustle up anything to bring back for the gang to eat. She had stumbled upon the tide pools and nosed around in them, finding shells and crabs and other things that smelled fishy and like food. At first she gathered muscles and dropped them on the shoreline a distance off before she returned for a particularly large crab. The little red shelled thing raised its claws and challenged her and she had foolishly laughed and went right for it, only to have a giant claw gripping her nose tightly. She shrieked and yelped, shaking her head wildly until it flung off and she growled pacing around it and pinning it with a paw, ripping its arms off and then biting straight through the shell to leave it there twitching and dying while she licked at her aching nose.

Content to leave it at that, she picked it up and started to head back to her pile of muscles. When they were in eyesight she saw that there was three white feathered seabirds picking at them. "Aw hell no. No! Get away you thieves!" She shouted and ran for them, their shrill caws hurting her ears. They flew up and she assumed they would leave, but instead they all ganged up and began to peck her and assault her ears with their feet and sharp beaks. She screamed and snapped at them, growling and trying to scare them off but instead they cawed and pecked harder. "fuck this" she murmured and bolted, a look of terror on her expression as they chased after her.