Neverwinter Forest the cold lone
All Welcome  November 07, 2019, 07:34 PM
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Markus felt the crisp chill on the night, biting at his nose and stinging his eyes as he trotted along the Forest border. He pondered briefly on how, technically, that name was inaccurate but it did not bring upon the familiar feeling of restless irritation and bitterness that would normally accompany such an errant negative thought. No, for now Markus was content to be here. For now, Neverwinter escaped his pessimism. 

In fact, he patrolled dutifully on this night.

Normally, he would have been tucked away in the dark, trying to keep warm and thinking about the best way to just get by come the morning. He might have slept for hours upon hours, long into the daytime. Instead, he felt that he would not sleep at all. It was a less common problem and he welcomed the change of pace. He had even felt a flurry in chest to be useful and that had led him into the dark, his nose along the invisible, scented barrier between his own pack (home?) and the rest of the world. He walked it literally, his paws stepping right along the line. It was a cold night but it was calm and - if he allowed himself to see it - nice.