Haunted Wood into the jaws of death
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RIP Dandelion
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i'll leave this up for a couple days before archiving it. feel free to eat him or... y'know whatever you wanna do. :P

the howl was heard but barely acknowledged; it was hard to focus on anything else but the throbbing pain in his leg. his poor attempts of cleaning it — when in truth he knew not what he was doing — were all in vain ...or perhaps the cause of the infection. with no healer to tend to it and the dank state of the pit he and his wounded leg were left to fester in — he'd been trying to delay the inevitable, really. as the pain harassed him he slipped in and out of slumber body to weak to eat whatever scraps they threw his way — if any with the turmoil he vaguely understood was going on.

he suffers thru the night and when the dawn crested; the peek of the golden sunrise spreading just over the top of the pit dandelion, curled into a pathetic ball, drew his last breath.