Northstar Vale Budding
All Welcome  August 02, 2020, 10:04 AM
Reneian Empire
The last few weeks or so Cordelia hadn't gotten into the think of the pack drama though there were rumors here and there that kept her up to date on the important things. With her still being a commoner in this place she didn't want to get on anyone's bad side for fear it might result in her exilement or potential death as she had seen and heard the emperor be fond of. 

She had spent her days wandering around and catching small game such as rodents and birds, her preferred targets. Occasionally she had stumbled upon a youngster or two and entertained them for a time. Something she was rather fond of seeing as how all encounters had gone well and she needn't think so hard about how to present herself.

Today she found herself resting in the cherry blossom grove. The smell and sight of the place were beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing. Making her think nothing bad could happen in a place such as this as she rested beside a tree.

Cordelia's identity is currently unknown to the wolves of the Teekon Wilds. 
She is known by all as Corra.