02. Pack Creation, Structure & Disbanding
March 14, 2015, 10:40 AM
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Creating a Pack

We are now using a two-step process for pack formation. The first step involves CM approval, which occurs prior to IC formation. Once the admins give the green light, the potential pack moves onto the second step: meeting some essential requirements. Once that's done, the pack goes live!

Step 1: If you're thinking of starting a pack, please fill out the following form with your prospective pack information, then post it in Pack Applications using the account that will be involved in founding the pack. Do this before proceeding with your plans IC!

Quote:What would the pack's name be?
Which territory would you hope to claim?
What colors do you have in mind?
Would you use Greek ranks or custom (if the latter, what would they be?)?
Please write a short blurb about your potential pack. The more details, the better!

We are mostly checking for two things: originality (no borrowing heavily from other works of fiction!) and sustainability (can the game support an additional pack at this time? Have the involved characters achieved some level of consistency and immersion?). Once we vet the form, the CMs/ACMs will assign a green or red light. What do these designations mean?

2x GREEN LIGHT (GO!): Your pack idea is approved. Go ahead and start your foundation threads, then follow up with us once they're complete.
RED LIGHT (STOP!): Your pack idea is not approved because ___. You may reapply in ___ days, pending revisions.

Red lights: This will always be be the case for characters who don't meet the 50+ posts and 1+ month longevity. Don't let this discourage you! Keep working on establishing the characters who are part of the pack, and you're welcome to post in the Pack Formation forum to organize your members.

Colors: We do not police colors. Most leaders try to choose colors that differentiate from existing packs, but it is not a requirement. Our biggest concern as CMs is that the colors are easy to read on both the light and dark modes. You may need to choose alternates for one mode or the other; we'll let you know when you apply for the pack.

Step 2: Once you achieve two green lights, you must then meet the following requirements. Please note that these are the bare minimum; the more the merrier on all counts!

— There must be 8+ individual players pledged to forming the pack.
— A minimum of 5 members (including all leaders) must have 50+ posts and 1+ month's longevity.
— The leaders and pledges must collectively complete 10+ threads relevant to founding the pack. These can include recruiting new members, exploring the territory, marking the borders, digging a communal den, filling caches, etc.

Once you've checked off all three, please reply to your original pack application thread. We'll triple-check your work, then set up the pack for you. We strongly recommend a founding howl at this time to establish and celebrate your new pack!

Be sure to send in the following information!
Quote:Pack Name:
Pack Territory: (include region)
Pack Colors: (indicate online list color)
Pack Leaders:
Members: (indicate which meet 50 posts / 30 days with */asterisk)
Pack Ranks: (tiers & ranks must be listed and numbered)
Link 10 Threads:
Discord handles for PM role:
Emoji for Discord reaction role:

Pack Structure

You may use the traditional Greek ranks (our default) or customize your hierarchy, just as long as you have 16 adult (>9 months) and 8 pup (<9 months) slots, for an overall total of 24. Up to 4 may be set aside as leadership ranks. How the tiers are otherwise divided—or whether you have any tiers at all—is entirely up to you. The members of a pack are ranked entirely by their leaders' discretion; some have very specific criteria and others base it on general activity and contributions.

Regarding the leadership ranks: in order to become a leader, the character must hit the 50+ posts and 1+ month longevity criteria. Ideal leader candidates should already be fairly established, active and consistent. Otherwise, it's up to the existing leaders to come up with criteria and select their own co-leaders. Just bear in mind that all leaders must post at least once a week to maintain their position. If a leader fails to meet this requirement, there is a 30-day period following the automatic demotion before the character/player in question can be promoted back into leadership for that particular pack, and before that character can hold leadership in any other pack. This probationary period of 30 days also applies to leaders who have stepped down, or “self-demoted”. We rely on our pack managers to use the honor system when re-promoting someone. Please note that leaders are synonymous with pack managers, so anyone who's promoted into leadership should be prepared to assist with OOC pack management.

If your character is demoted, they no longer holds the rank of a leader and cannot claim as much, effective immediately. It is up to you to come up with the reasoning behind this. CMs are happy to help brainstorm if you're looking for ideas. (added 11/27/2018)

Relocating or Disbanding a Pack

(new guidelines as of 7/27/18!)
Due to member-driven change, our new protocol for relocating an existing pack now requires THREE threads, completed and archived. These three threads must take place in the area the pack is relocating to, and include member-participation and reference of settling in the new habitat. Once these threads are complete, simply PM the CM team with the URLs to the three completed threads. (Please note that your pack forum will remain as the existing pack, until the move is completed and archived.)

Any pack that reaches 6 players (packs must be 7+ individual players) will be marked for disbanding.  CMs will reach out to PMs to notify them that the disband is imminent in the next 2-3 days. In the event of a disbandment, the remaining members are welcome to reform the pack using the steps above.

Unofficial Groups

Unofficial groups are acceptable but they will not confer the benefits of an official pack. Though the group may be territorial and defend its "home-base," their claim over a territory is not considered as strong as an official pack's claim would be. If your group size is 5+ adults, we strongly encourage you to look into creating an official pack! In this situation, please be courteous and mindful of other players that may be surprised by territorial wolves in a neutral territory.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!