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Jutting out of the taiga is very small, isolated little chain of mountains whose tops form a broad ridge. Near the foothills, the untamed slopes are challenging and steep, with worn paths being the safest way up, but gradually the terrain flattens into a gentle incline. The majority of the slope is covered in a mixture of grass and deciduous forest, and a tumultuous stream feeds from the mountain's interior dissected the eastern face into north and south halves. A great fire years ago still marks much of the territory, with some parts still quite charred, but new life is emerging, and the rise is slowly returning to its former glory.

Description by Saena & mercury

3/19/24 | The first Bearns of the season have arrived! Welcome, Tuesday's Dawn, Tuesday Afternoon, and Tuesday's Twilight!
2/25/2024 | With the Caru’s departure, Wealda has called the pack together to name a new leader! New Snow becomes Caru & Mulherin becomes Berserkr!

1/13/2024 | Welcome, Sylvan!
12/31/2023 | Redd has stepped into the role of Wealda
12/29/23 | Redtail Rise faces its greatest tragedy yet </3
12/16/23 | Moon Runner has come back!
12/08/23 | Tulimaq has returned!
11/10/23 | Masquerade has become the Rise's first leading Caru!
10/28/23 | Disagreement in leadership leads to a fracture between the three factions of the rise. The abrupt injury of a pack heir results in more tension, culminating in Avicus' fierce return to claim what is hers <3
8/16/23 | The pups of the rise choose their path!
06/19/2023 | Avicus has disappeared </3 Amid the chaos and tension, Relic chose to step down and Lilia has become Berserkr <3
06/01/2023 | After the disappearance of Prophet, Relic has been named the pack's new Berserkr. Congratulations!
04/17/2023 | Welcome back to Arielle!
03/23/2023 | New Snow and Augur have welcomed two daughters, Saturday's Sunrise and Saturday's Sunset!
03/23/2023 | The season's first batch of youngsters has arrived — a dark-pelted quartet of pups born to Avicus and sired by Prophet and Ashlar.

banners credit: ebony

Pack Size: 8 adults, 5 pups · Cache Status: MEDIUM
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