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"Abiding loosely by the nine noble virtues, the wolves of Raventhorpe aim to be courageous, honest, honourable, loyal, disciplined, hospitable, self-reliant, industrious, and determined. They practice a wide variety of trades and encourage their members to develop a wide variety of skills and trades. There is a great deal of appreciation not only for the ability to hunt and protect the pack, but for those who pursue spirituality, storytelling, craftsmanship and other arts. Generally friendly toward strangers and visitors, the wolves of Raventhorpe are a generous and hospitable community- but with zero tolerance for trespassing or those who come with ill intentions.

Wolves of Raventhorpe are not overly hostile, but they will not hesitate to defend their territory from ill-willed trespassers. Visitors will be welcomed warmly and treated with respect, so long as they are properly escorted while within the borders.

Trespassers that are caught roaming freely, stealing, or trying to raid the territory will be chased out. If they refuse to leave, pack members have all rights to defend the keep by any means necessary.

10.09.23 — The wolves have moved to claim Blacktail Deer Plateau for Raventhorpe!

XX.XX.XX — Old news will go here! [/b][/p]

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