Blacktail Deer Plateau Teetering on the edge
All Welcome  February 05, 2018, 02:52 AM
Comrade III
@Forrest or @Pema if she's back. I need a thread for proof that he was tended to in some way. Backdated to probably the 30th

It felt like he'd been laying here in his father's den for years. He'd quickly progressed from coughing,puking,wheezing,and fever dreams to laying statue still with shallow, slow breathing. The aches in his body came in waves that made his muscles clench occasionally causing him to cry out weakly though he made no movements. He rarely opened his eyes anymore and he hadn't eaten or drank anything because he'd vomit. If this was dying he wished that it would hurry up and happen because he was tired of this pain. His body had been hot for the past few hours but suddenly he was cold and curled up into himself hoping to generate warmth but he just lay there still and shivering, eyes closed and body giving off a smell that was something awfully close to a death scent.

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