Stone Circle Stepping Up
All Welcome  February 07, 2018, 12:39 PM
Comrade III
@Nanook, Pema has permission to be in Easthollow and is not tresspassing.

She had returned from leading Valette, Howl and the others to the last spot she knew Burr was at. A part of her wanted to go with them, to see Burr and help him where ever he was. But Howl was right, he would be a far better fighter than she would be if put in such a situation. More was better then a few, but someone had to stay behind and inform the pack that Valette was gone and why. Seeing herself as one of the weaker members of the party she opted to stay behind. Her failure to look after Burr in this time was weighing hard on her, and making her feel less useful then she could have actually been. 

She tried to push through the anxiety she was feeling over the incident so that she could inform Nanook that she was now in charge while Valette was gone. She trotten through the snow covered territory in search of this distant aquaintance.