Moonspear Are there walls that block the way?
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Gannet wasn't exactly pouting, but it was clear that the usual pep wasn't quite there this morning. @Hydra had gone somewhere with Dirge, and while he knew she had promised not to leave, experience had taught him such things were rarely up to you once life happened. She might get lost, or injured, or find another place, and suddenly yet another friend would be gone from his life. He wouldn't hold it against her; like Whip, and even Liffey now, he understood. But it still made him nervous, a sick sorta feeling in the pit of his stomach, at the thought of her possibly disappearing so soon after the others.

To take his mind off of that at least, he was stalking a stoat. He'd scented the small creature a ways back and followed it here, and now crept through the underbrush, trying to scare the thing up. It might have gone to ground, but he had the feeling it was still lurking somewhere in the stunted, winterbare growth around him.