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All Welcome  June 06, 2018, 08:10 PM
Bracken Sanctuary

Like a giant, dead bug, Lily lay on her back in Paradise Garden, looking at the clouds.

They moved slowly today, lazily wandering across the sky. Occasionally they'd block out the sun, and shadow would fall over the land, cooling her pelt, which greedily sucked in any light and held it there. She was half-asleep, paws idly twitching, eyes creased to slits. A faint half-smile on her face.

She'd done some hunting today, and had successfully caught a rabbit, taking it immediately to the caches like one should do, instead of eating it herself. She wasn't particularly hungry, but she was tired, having gotten up earlier than usual. She supposed she was just as lazy as the clouds right now, but she didn't much care. She'd only been here for a short time, and there was time enough yet in the day for work.

Some of the clouds had shapes. Lily thought a certain one looked like a fish, with a very long tail. Another resembled, if only faintly, a bird, though its beak began to distort as the wispy puff mutated slightly. She began to count the puffs, one by one, and found herself slipping into the land of daydreams.

Dirge. His touch rippling over her. And. . .Vilkas. Who looked at her differently than anyone else. She wondered how his touch would make her feel, and she shivered at the thought.

she's a killer queen
gunpowder, gelatine
dynamite with a laser beam
guaranteed to blow your mind