Duskfire Glacier milton catches a cold
All Welcome  June 08, 2018, 05:33 PM
Meltin’ Milton
Lone Wolves

Milton loved his new pack. He wanted to stay there forever and ever but he knew that he had to go out and explore too so he was sad to leave the pack for the day and he cried for a minute but when he was done crying he found this really cool glacier that was in the middle of the land and he wanted to explore it. He ran as quick as he could to get there and when he did get there he finally saw how cold it was. Like it was really cold. Milton shivered and his teeth chattered together as he shivered because he was so cold.
Milton tiptoed through the glacier and he shivered some more because he was really cold being there and he didn’t know how to make himself warmer again. It was summer so there should have been lots of warm sun but Milton didn’t like the snow very much because it made him cold and sad and he didn’t like being cold and sad. He wondered if he should leave but he didn’t leave he decided to stay and he sneezed because he was catching a cold.

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