Dawnlark Plains New Mothers
June 09, 2018, 03:25 AM
Den Mother
Despite recent events and her newfound responsibilities Pema strongly wanted to speak with Aviana that day. Not only to check on her pack member but because they shared a similarity. Both of the females were only weeks away from becoming mothers. Come to think of it... Pema wasn't sure if Aviana had had children in the past. She knew that the females was older than her, but some packs were very strict on their breeding policies. So it was possible that this was Aviana's first litter.

Another thing she wondered about was the litter's father. She hadn't heard anything about him from Aviana or Day, but she hadn't asked the female directly either. In either case, she would be without a father to help to raise her children. Yes she would have assistance from the pack, but that wasn't quite the same. She wanted to see what Aviana would be willing to share, so she set out to find her.