Heron Lake Plateau i've seen your face before my friend, but i don't know if you know who i am
All Welcome  June 17, 2018, 07:32 PM
Lost Creek Hollow

She'd done her best to avoid @Niamh; any time she came across the girl's scent she'd veer in the other direction.  She didn't want to be accused of lying for not going into every minute detail of every story, and she didn't want to be villainized for her kindness.

The only two duties she did now that @Raven's time was drawing near was hunt and make sure the borders were dutifully marked.  Occasionally she would check up on her garden to see if anything was growing.  From what it looked like, the Yarrow had taken off.  She'd have to talk to Raven and see what else she could plant.

It was another gray summer day, and Ceara was out gathering food for the communal cache.  She'd managed to take down a duck and was on her way to the cache, and after she'd deposited it she planned on taking down whatever else she could manage.