Dragoncrest Cliffs except in the most terrible of ways
All Welcome  June 30, 2018, 03:31 PM
silkie is just outside the entrance of hougeda so anyone is welcome! i'm taking the liberty of pp'ing eske watching him in the background for adult supervision. :-)

        hougeda is a lot bigger than their previous den and it is shared by all of drageda, silkie learns. he's intrigued by the adults; the other walks of life outside of those he is familiar with. sometimes they venture deeper into the dark tunnels but when he tries to follow one — the wanlida named eske; though he, after she awkwardly gives her name to him following his loud — because he doesn't know what an inside voice is yet — hi complete with a cheesy smile, chirps out "eeske!" very proudly. she looks perturbed as her lips mash together but does not correct him ( at least not yet ). instead, she shoos him off, back towards the general area he's probably supposed to stay in. he drags his feet, glimpsing back over his shoulder hopeful that she'll change her mind and let him tag along on her adventure but she is fiercely stalwart and bumps her muzzle gently against his rump to encourage him to go back. he huffs but ultimately does as he is bid.

        he's not a bad kid. not even a rebellious one. he's merely curious ...and obviously no one has told him that curiosity kills the cat.

        to his great surprise, while eske does not allow him to follow her into the tunnels, she ushers him to the entrance of hougeda instead; as if she understood the pent up desire to explore everything grand and awesome around him. the mid-morning sunlight is bright, the salty air outside hougeda is significantly warmer than the air in the cavern where the earth keeps them cool. silkie's tongue lulls out the side of his mouth as he pants and he can taste the salt and sea brine that hangs in the air.

        a beetle scurries by, obviously on some kind of mission and draws the young predator's sharp eye, and his attention away from his current sitter. unable to resist the temptation he pounces after it, hoping to capture it under his paws. what he'll do with it if he's successful is anyone's guess but the truth is unless he's told not to he'll probably try to eat it.

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where he walks power unfolds,
untaming beasts, cracking temples
and unfettering hearts.