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Blackfeather Woods

@Calloon hopefully?

It had finally ended. The aching, burning sensation between her legs had ceased and the desire to push Oryx aside and find someone, anyone to mate with had stopped. It had been hell, she had no idea that the breeding instinct would be so strong. It was like something had taken over her and she couldn't control herself. 

Her first thought upon waking and discovering it was gone was that she needed out of her den. The second thought was about Grey. Was he still here? Was he okay? The sudden desire to find him was so strong that she rolled to her paws and thanked Oryx one last time before heading out in search. After wandering the area and sniffing around for a while she was glad to find that his scent was still around. She was happy for that and unable to help herself she called out for him as she walked,hoping he would hear her and come.
January 15, 2019, 05:13 PM
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Calloon had returned to his roots. Literally. He dug into the hard ground with a paw so he would have something to play with while he was alone. The alpha male didn't like him much, he could tell, so associating with others was deemed risky in his book. He had always been on his own and, though he wished to stay with Rosings and with Lilah in particular, he didn't mind the quiet.

One silver ear flicked at the sound of the wolfess he had just been thinking about. He panicked a little and yanked the root out of the ground as he turned to go towards her call. As he padded through their home he spat it out along the way, but his muzzle was still covered in dirt when she came into view.
January 15, 2019, 06:03 PM
Blackfeather Woods

She didn't put two and two together until maybe the third or fourth shout of his name (the one she gave him). Of course he wouldn't be answering back, he couldn't talk! She felt a wave of embarrassed heat wash over her cheeks as she continued on the same path, eyes sweeping the area to catch sight of him. When finally she did, she froze and looked him over for any injuries and spotting none she hurried toward him and touched her nose to his shoulder "I was so worried he wouldn't let you in. I'm sorry Grey, I'm so sorry. It's my fault, i mouthed off to him about...well he did some things and it hurt me but that's the past..anyway I yelled at him for it and he didn't like that so all that anger he had was my fault" she rambled, the words gushing out of her maw in a emotional frenzy.

Finally she paused, taking a breath and spotting the dirt all over his muzzle. She giggled softly and stepped closer "You have a little something.." she murmured and reached forward, about to brush the dirt away when she realised that it was a bit personal and pulled away, looking embarrassed "I'm are you? Grayson is letting you stay right?" she asked and waited for a nod or a shake of his head.