Sunspire Mountains Meet Cadeau
All Welcome  January 14, 2019, 12:40 AM
Lone Wolves

Cadeau wasn't sure what she was planning on doing, her initial plan was just to go as far as she could until there was no sign of civilzation to be seen. She was a danger to them so long as she was near any and Cadeau couldn't forget nor forgive the blood she had on her metaphorical hands. It was cold as winter was here but Cadeau was not scared of the chilly wind nor the snow that stung her paws with each step she took. Her mind was only focused on one thing: "Get away, get as far away as you can." She wondered what her mother must be thinking right now and the thought made Cadeau's breath catch, knowing there was no way she would ever see Maela again, no... she was a danger to her mother. She couldn't control herself, she would only hurt Maela and perhaps draw more humans towards them focused on capturing the stray half wolf pup. A strong breeze ruffled her thick brown fur and Cadeau chanced a glance behind her. Of course there was nothing there but a tree line, Cadeau however could still see in her mind the place she left behind, even beyond the roving hills and forest. She kept walking, ears perked for any danger and stance weary. Cadeau had been traveling for days and the adrenline alone kept her from stopping for long. Keep going... you can't stay here...