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Lone Wolves

Yami felt like she had been running for days. Running South, running East. Running, running, running. Leaving what had happened--all of what had happened--as far behind as she could. She had slept some, she had eaten some (hopefully), but mostly she had run, as though running could somehow put distance between herself and the hurt deep inside of her.

It had taken a while for it to happen, but eventually the anger that fueled her had begun to fade. Not because it was lessening, but because she was simply too exhausted to keep it burning bright enough to keep the other stuff at bay. The real stuff. The stuff that made her feel pathetic and weak and as though her family had been right about her--that she was utterly and completely worthless.

That was when she had finally stopped, though at first it was only to grab a few mouthfuls of water at a stream that wound through the grotto she'd found herself in. That was when it caught up to her, suddenly, in a rush, and she dropped to her belly and began to cry. She hated what she had said to them. She hated what they had said to her. She hated her family for not loving her. She hated herself for not feeling like they had ever loved her. It was their fault. It was her fault. It wasn't fair. It was exactly what she deserved.

Yami curled up tight, praying that she could drown herself in her tears.