Sleepy Fox Hollow just because we check the guns at the door
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Her lip curled at the stench before her, her hardened green eyes following the path the thief likely had taken with their ticket meal. Uprooted from the lake, Diaspora was in repair, but that did not mean they had settled properly. Her tail gave a lash through the air, and she glanced down, noting Argent’s inquiring gaze. She notched her muzzle upward, dispelling a breath as she looked to her silver son. “What do you smell?”

It was a moment for teaching that was as good as any other, and after, she would take a round to their borders, reiterating their claim as thoroughly as she could, even when only the Imperatores of the pack were to take such a task.

“Food,” the boy responded back rather dully—a common tone since the death of his father and the upheaval of the pack. His disinterest in the topic drew a knitted frown to the sylph’s brows, and his ears splayed back in silent apology. “And a stranger.”

She gave a nod of acceptance to this, her stern gaze softening as she leaned forward to give the boy a nudge. “Go play with your siblings. Don’t stray far,” she ordered, the smoke of her voice laced with fatigue. As he found his way to @River and @Trench, Ketzia turned her attention back to the cache that had been picked apart, her annoyance clear within her steps as she stalked the scent for only a moment, determining the direction of the brazen wolf.

Game was scarce, and as her eyes once more followed the trail of the one who had robbed them, she considered the options before her.