Thunder Dome watching as you waste through the ground
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Even on the lower reaches of the domed mountain, the wind bit down. It had been no easy feat to climb this high from the plateau; there had been much in the way of working around and scaling that had eaten away at a day's travel. It was too easy to get stranded up there as well, so once daybreak had come, Valtari had swiftly carried on from where he had deigned to rest for the night.

Sunlight broke through to the valleys beyond as sea swept winds pushed cloud cover out at its own pace, but the view was grim at best from what he could see. A low fog had descended to the foothills to obscure autumn's hue in the forests, but he had a clearer line of sight on where the smoke arose from in the east.

Though he didn't know it, where he stood was very much a volcano too, and the smell of sulfur and scorched stone was not just a clever illusion. The fires there and thankfully not here were in fact, volcanic. The smoke was ash, choking and full, and it knotted his hungry stomach as he considered the omen it wrought. The earth had rendered a blot for them to see.

He'd have to return now, to share that information with @Raleska, with @Aningan.

The earth trembled beneath him; he heard the sound of loosened stones skitter with the pulse. Close, too close, and reason enough to vacate the slope with haste. He turned and skirted back against the ledge that had brought him around in the first place, and plotted his descent in the same stroke.

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The mountain shuddered beneath her feet, sending loose rocks scuttling down its steep face. Lightsun stood still with panic, legs stiffened and outstretched as an unsteady base for frozen body. Since arriving in these lands, they had become more and more alive, the shaking and quivering of the earth itself becoming stronger and stronger. Her gaze turned upwards, towards to the tip of the dome, and waited, worried, for it all to come crumbling down - but thankfully, amazingly, it stayed where it was.
    After she had left her old home, she had joyed at the wide spaces, freedom, and independece, things she could not have as part of her old life. It was not all perfect, obviously; meals were harder to come by and the nights were colder and lonelier without a kennel and companions; but she could not stand to return to her stifling home and that rope around her neck. However, standing there amidst this ever-present danger made her question why she fled the safety of that backyard in that quiet town. She wondered if it was shaking there too.
    When the mountain had calmed, she tentatively took a step forward, almost expecting her footfalls to reignite the summit's fury. The world stayed still and she grew more confident in her movements, and continued to skirt the side of the peak. Her aim was not to climb, but to get across the mountain and reach somewhere more hospitable. She had been moving almost constantly for weeks on end, and needed a break. Below her she could see a long, green expanse, and wanted to get there, but was not sure how.
    Lightsun paused to think of how best to tackle her predicament, when she heard a clattering of stones that set her heart racing. Again?! So soon? she wondered frantically, her eyes instinctively turning upwards; but rather than rocks falling, she was greeted by the form of a white wolf. She instantly perked up, excited to finally see another canine after all this time. She watched as he deftly descended the slope, and when he was close enough to hear she barked out, "Hey! Over here!"
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He turned a shaky corner only to hear a voice call out to him—unfamiliar, feminine. It did not stop him immediately; he couldn't afford to take his eyes off the ledge he was on just yet. A bit more navigating and a hop down from one ledge to another seemed to bring the quick tremor towards a stop, though for how long was beyond him. That was simply the way of things as he knew it, and the earth would shudder and tremble as it saw fit.

And when he had found solid ground beneath his feet, he drew his attention to her at last. Like he she was cloaked by winter's hand; Valtari took notice of the scar that crossed her pointed face. She hadn't come with them from Rusalka, of that he was certain... which meant she was alone and wandering the mountain range at a very unfortunate time. A pity, really.

He decided she was lost—no fool would be up there otherwise.

"Are you looking for the way down?"

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The wolf did not respond at first, and Lighstun wondered if he had heard her. He continued to scramble down the rocks, and she wondered whether she should call out again. It became apparent however that he was moving in her general direction, and was soon upon her.
    "Yes, yes I am!" She responded with delight to his question. How did he know? He must have been a mind-reader or something. Whatever the reason, she was glad to have found him; she was indeed lost, and on top of that not thinking straight with fear. "That big green place below you know of it? Do you know how to get there?" The words spilled from her mouth before she could compose herself, but she caught herself before she kept rambling on. "Oh and, I'm Lightsun by the way," she said, remembering herself. One needs to be polite when offered assistance, after all.
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She referenced a big green place and his eyes went outward towards it, though he was uncertain of just what it was that she sought. The plateau? Or the sweeping plains and riverland below? His gaze was not left to linger there long before he brought it back to her and hearing the follow up of her name. Lightsun—appropriate.

"Valtari," he offered first, only to proceed, "which green do you mean? The river? Or beneath us still, the plateau," and in unspoken wonder, he questioned if she wanted something more than just simple assistance. There was little doubt she could not tell he was not alone and surely their emergence from coast to plateau had not been unheard.

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