Wapun Meadow the weight is gone
All Welcome  December 04, 2019, 06:41 PM
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The dark shadow had ventured away from Diaspora and the lake where they had settled during the frigid winter months. He had waited for some time by the edge of the claim, hoping that his mother or the stalwart figure of Mahler would have appeared to welcome him back home. When he had started to feel the cold touch of nightfall, he had turned away from the claim and ventured back into the wilds. The dark flyaway hairs along his neck and shoulders were whisked by the icy touch of the breezes that carried across the stretch of earth.
Some miles away from the Diaspora territory, Trench found solace in a peaceful meadow. The flat stretch of earth was caked in a thick layer of snow. Tracks had been made and then buried, and remade. Trench sniffed at a few of them, wondering if he would catch the trail of River or Argent there. All of the lingering smells were foreign to the young boy. With a deep sigh, the limber wanderer set his sights for the furthest reaches of the meadow and began his trek.