Redhawk Caldera The truth is in the eye of the beholder.
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The large golden wolf had been traveling with the woman that he had acquired and the journey would take a bit to get to Nightwalkers. Ghidorah was shipping his package to the home base but he couldn't quite turn the tables on the girl just yet. The golden titan looked ahead with a blank expression with his ears forward and head craned like a preying snake as he walked with strength in his stride towards the Caldera. The bloody scent of the Nightwalker's territory was swirling in his nostrils with his ghost eyes looking in the distance, and with a couple of more strides, they had both entered the strange bowl with mountains as its walls. The muscular man stopped in his tracks with the smell of death being picked up by the whistling wind, his silver eyes scanned the area and made note of the strange rock formations that were present.

But the man had other things on his mind, he knew he couldn't just go to the territory without a decoy to trick the woman into just passing by his pack's territory. Ghidorah knew the woman would have questions as to why he brought her here, so to avoid the question, Ghidorah morphed his blank mask into an assuring smile, "we will be there soon my dear, the Caldera is a shortcut despite the dangerous look." His mouth peeled into a smile that showed his dragon-like fangs but he knew he had to keep his malicious intent hidden. The giant swung his head towards the peak of the Caldera, the Nightwalker's territory is beyond the ridge, "my pack is beyond those hills, we will need to make a quick stop there so that I may assure them that I am not dead, plus I will need to bring them prey." Ghidorah looked around his surroundings, he couldn't see any prey as his back was turned to the female, and since he couldn't see anything, this would be his perfect opportunity.

He peeled back a wicked grin to himself.

Ghidorah fixed his expression to look like he was a little unsure and worried, "I can't seem to smell nor see anything, do you mind assisting me in finding some small prey?" He asked with childlike pleading in his eyes, but true to his nature, he was really not searching for prey. He knew the Caldera was dangerous and one wrong move could get anyone killed, so if the girl agreed to help him "find" prey, hopefully, her naiveness would cause her to slip up and injure herself in some way.
February 16, 2020, 01:25 AM
Lone Wolves

Traveling with the titan until this point had been rather uneventful. There had been small talk here and there and time to rest but they still knew little about one another including each other's names. Not running into others along their journey it wasn't as though they would need to distinguish themselves from one another, and it meant the princess could keep her identity further hidden from those within the land. As she spent more time with him she had seen that intensity in his eyes as they traveled, quickly changing to a smile when speaking with her. It provided her with comfort more than suspicion, seeing that his focus was on the events around them, looking out for possible danger.

As they moved onto the Caldera the scent of others became more apparent. At first, it didn't catch her mind, as though she had become a custom to it, but with its increasing intensity, she became more warry. Stopping on his tracts her sunlit guide scanned the area, something she had seen him do several times prior. Mentioning their close arrival she became worried about her escape. Prior to this moment, there hadn't been a clear time to flee/abandon her guide. It was only when he mentioned stopping at his pack that she realized why the smell was so familiar. It had been walking alongside her for a few days now. Interacting with others, let alone a pack, was not on her agenda. There was more variety in a group, different personalities, and more opportunities for her story to get out.  She thought about telling him right then to go on without her. Telling him to meet up with her once he was done and slipping away before he could return. Before she could say anything or think it through he was asking her for help. Hesitantly she nodded her head.

Despite wanting to leave, looking at his smile and thinking of what he had offered her so far, she felt guilty simply leaving him and not repaying his kindness. It wasn't a big request and likely wouldn't take much time, assuming they were present. "Of course" she said sweetly and lightly. "Luckily for you, this is my specialty" she said earnestly. 

Lifting her nose and smelling the air she tried her best to filter out the smell of the nearby territory. What caught her attention wasn't a particular smell, but rather a lack of it. She turned her head and began to lightly trot away from the male's current position. Coming across a few rough rocks she tested their stability. Her small size and light weight gave them little trouble though a few rocks shifted and rolled downward. Never needing to truly work in a group she had no thought of the possible difficulty someone larger or heavier might experience. Treading with her usual graze and balance she soon made it towards her destination. A lake of cooled water, odorless and the one thing here that would attract life. This is where she would look for her prize.

Cordelia's identity is currently unknown to the wolves of the Teekon Wilds. 
She is known by all as Corra.
February 20, 2020, 05:08 PM
The man could just sense her uncertainty, while he did love to see someone uncomfortable and try to make do with the situation that they are in, he had to make sure that his party wouldn't slip away. But with words, he could lose her, so instead, he peeled back a soft smile, which was a smile that could melt hearts. The false warmth that he expressed to the female with his eyes alone were as comforting as being near the ones that you held close to your heart. But thankfully, the women expressed that she was in her element when it came to hunting she had a look in her eyes the revealed that she was starting to feel comfortable.

Ghidorah continued to look at her with an assuring look as she trotted her little white paws towards a stone near the lake where she would perch and look for her prize. This was his chance. But, he had to play his cards just right, and attack on her would be too soon, so he would need a better reason for the woman to go to his camp.

He needed just a little accident.

While she was busy the man slid his ghost eyes around the area, there were sharp rocks everywhere and plenty of shards. The golden titan raised his brows and eyed the woman, she seemed still as a statue, so with this opportunity, he carefully guided his paws around the rocky earth and used his sense of touch to find the perfect shard. But the man knew better, he used his large head and swung it side to side to indicate that he was looking for prey and he would calculate his paw steps to look like a normal stride but he was secretly searching for something. 

At last, he found what he needed, he quickly checked over his shoulder with a curious look at the woman to see if she was looking at his direction. When she wasn't he swiftly picked up the knife-like shard in his mouth and kept hold of it inside his jaws to that she wouldn't see. The man swung his body and slugged over to the same bank that the was scanning into with a defeated look on his face. Ghidorah didn't say anything as he scanned the surface of the water and tracked where he would place his sleeper agent. The man continued to act like he was hunting in a meaningful way, and as soon as a silverfish swam in his view, he plunged his muzzle into the water with the speed of a snake. 

He wasn't going for the fish itself but rather he opened his jaws and let the shard go into the water as the frightened fish's swimming caused the shard to swirl towards the naive woman. The man pulled his lion-like head out of the water with his face dripping, "missed one..." he muttered.