Shy Deer Steppes Ouroboros
All Welcome  March 26, 2020, 07:08 AM

@Black Hat

He had a few days to prepare. The fact his loyalties once again lay with Nightwalkers almost had him laughing to himself as he entered the dry sandy domain, the smell of cactus blossoms faint Perfume in the air. 
It seemed he wouldn't be running away from Nix's legacy after all. Just the fact he hadn't left the area, skulking around like some cowardly pup with nowhere to go was evidence of that. 
he tipped his head back, his howl piercing the crisp mountain air- he had been calling to Black Hat for days with no answer. Any of his packmates, really. Either they were dead, or had vanished from the area and not bothered to tell him. Which...really shitty pack if that were the case. At least the Nightwalkers were active- and loyal. 
He thought of his new job-to-be....A trainer for the new generation. A chance to shape the future of Nightwalkers. Well since he was so high up he might need to go finally introduce himself to Moonspear.