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Basic Info
Full Name: Serem Mortem
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (10-03-2015)
Birthplace: Montana
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Profile of Serem: Details
Serem is a female of smaller height standing 35 inches and weighing a substantial amount of 130 pounds. Her pelage is a pure ebony colouring consisting of downy fur with soft guard hairs. The eyes that glare from her narrow face are a deep Oak brown. She holds herself in a dominant manner, her posture tall and stiff only made more fierce by the muscular structuring of her body.
Serem suffers many personality disorders, therefore, it is not known what she suffers from exactly and as such her personality is bound to change on a whim.  Due to her upbringing and isolation, she is cold and self-reliant.  She believes one must fight for survival.

She has three identifiable personas although presently nobody has seen her kind demeanor, only those which are purely aggressive or emotionless.  


the sane
The most mentally sound out of the personalities. She is naturally reclusive and relatively hard to pin down.

the bloodthirsty

Tucked in the depths of Serem's mind, Nightfire represents the dark woman's true nature.  She is demented, volatile, and unsteady with a thirst for blood. She uses seduction and clever words to get what she wants and stop at nothing to get what she wants.


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Serem Mortem was cast out of her pack and disgraced by her mother at birth. She was the only pup born to her mother after she was taken advantage of and at a young age Serem never had an easy life and was neglected by her pack. She learned at a young age that no-one would ever care for her and it was up to her to survive. With no one there for her and to help her through life, Serem mostly depended on Nightfire to keep her alive.

Profile of Serem: Additional Information
Her mood/personality is subject to change frequently and she hears voices in her head.
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