Profile of Serem: Quick Facts
Pledged La Muerte
Played By: Alyssa
Basic Info
Full Name: Serem Mortem
Subspecies: Grey wolf 75% Mexican wolf 25%
Size: Gigantic, Athletic
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 7 (10-03-2016)
Birthplace: Montana
At a Glance
[Image: TK1kUzN.gif]
Has scars due to neglect from her birth pack, and recent scars from fights. Occasionally has a bloodstained muzzle although hardly seen due to a dark pelt, it is most likely smelt.

Currently in top health
Profile of Serem: Details
Serem is a female of large height standing 33 inches and weighing a substantial amount of 130 pounds taking after her father in size. Her pelage is a pure ebony colouring consisting of downy fur with soft guard hairs. The eyes that glare from her narrow face are a deep Oak brown. She holds herself in a dominant manner, her posture tall and stiff only made more fierce by the muscular structuring of her body.
Due to her upbringing and isolation, she is cold and self-reliant.  She believes one must fight for survival or die trying.

She has many sides of her, presently nobody but one has seen her kind demeanor, the rest have only knew those which are purely aggressive, seductive and/or emotionless. (Except for her young whom she holds most dear but won’t admit to anyone.) 

For the most part she mentally sound. She is naturally reclusive and relatively hard to pin down.

Tucked in the depths of Serem's mind, a evil lives which is the dark woman's true nature.  She is demented, volatile, and unsteady with a thirst for blood. She uses seduction and clever words to get what she wants and stop at nothing to get what she wants and normally only acts in her own best interests.

Serem is Deceitful and very big on self-preservation and has no problem killing. She lies, deceives and manipulated purely for amusement.
Voice Claim Serem Mortem was almost tossed aside by her pack and has since been disgraced by her mother since birth along with her brother and littermates after her mother was taken advantage of. Serem never had an easy life and was neglected by her pack. She learned at a young age that no-one would ever care for her (Although her older sisters Nakara and Akna had tried.) and it was up to her to survive. When her and her littermates were about 6 months old; their parents put Serem and her brother Nightfire to a fight to the death due to them being their weakest young however Serem came out on top and her brother supposedly died of his injuries.

After departing from her birth pack she stayed on her own for a long time. Training, hunting, and bettering her skills just to return and brutally murder her mother for forcing her to kill her sibling. Her father witnessed and attacked her and attempted to defile her to prove his dominance; his attempts were foiled when her and her brother Hashut ripped his throat out together.

After coming to teekon she was pledged to two packs which both didn’t work out.

Now she is a part of Nightwalkers and holds the rank of Sergeant which is their medic and soon after she arose to the rank of consort and later gave birth to the twins. Shortly after her and Vengeance’s coupling he was felled and she took over as General.
By Various:
I Miss the Misery- Halestorm
Bad Girlfriend- Theory of a Deadman
Love Bites (So do I)- Halestorm
Freak like me- Halestorm
Pornstar Dancing- My Darkest Days
You call me a bitch- Halestorm
Love the Way You Hate Me- Like a Storm
Mz. Hyde- Halestorm
Apocalyptic- Halestorm
Paranoia- A Day to Remember
Say You’ll Haunt Me- Stone Sour
Sweet but psycho- Ava Max
Vete pa la- Lele pons
PARENTS: Deceased✝️
LITTERMATES: Hashut “Chaos” Mortem, Nightfire “Poison” Mortem✝️
SIBLINGS: Akna and Nakara✝️*

MATE/LOVER: Currently: NONE Formerly: Vengeance Rache ✝️
CHILDREN: Lithium and Valium (March 2020)

By Adoption: Death, Famine, Pestilence, and Conquest.

NIECES AND NEPHEWS: Arwen (April 2020), Atreyu (May 2020)

*Denotes disowned
Pack History
Shadow mountain (pledged)
Darkness ridge (pledged)
Lone wolf (Previous)
Nightwalkers (Currently- General.)
Profile of Serem: Additional Information
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