Ouroboros Spine ix. out of colder throats
All Welcome  April 11, 2021, 12:07 PM
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Keeping up with all the tasks required of foundation and pulling her weight amongst the territory meant that the dove's religion had fallen to the wayside, no matter the fact that she had only been a devotee of middling faith once. It had been hard to rejoice and speak with the spirits in the Land of Many Elms, particularly after her mother's death. Getting out of bed alone had been a chore, let alone tapping into some spiritual energy or hunting for amulets to add to her altar. Besides,聽L贸min贸r毛 had been just as likely to take whatever trinkets she found to give to the spirits, using them to barter for ingredients to brew more of his famous liquor.聽

Here, with the mountain air in her lungs and the sounds of the coniferous forest carried on the wind, the mouse felt she could sense life all around her. For the first time in ages, she felt the spirits dancing around her, working through all worldly things: from the lights that danced in the skies, to the wolves of Moonglow, to the swaying pines and rich loam beneath her paws.聽

The yearling would be a two year soon and there was a chance now that she might know all the ways of womanhood soon. She would not just be聽L贸t毛 of village Moonglow any longer. She would be聽L贸t毛, wife of @Adrastus (if the silver bear was accepting of the match their wisewoman had suggested to the cloudberry) and mother of children, of Moonglow's next generation alongside @Kukutux's own. This seemed like a good a reason as any to show the spirits her gratitude for the world they had woven for them all.

The huntress still had the skull of a hare she had killed some weeks ago. On its own, it was only an聽ordinary skull but once聽Aiw毛ndil had finished with it, it was a true masterpiece. The artisan had stained and painted it with the leftover cadmium and a riot of berry dyes to give it a multicolored makeover.聽

She carried it in her maw now, taking the amulet聽to the small clearing where she had watched the ptarmigans and inadvertently聽spied on @Zane -- where it would be placed amongst the roots of a tree, the place subconsciously聽claimed by the herdstalker for her own purposes. Her own sanctuary for birdwatching and worshipping the spirits.聽

"in the top of the tower, the devil he waits, the devil he waits for you."