06. Game Management
March 14, 2015, 10:24 AM
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Although WOLF is a member-driven community, community managers handle programming, maintenance and other necessary managerial tasks. Our goal is to gently guide the IC community as needed to keep the game inspiring and fun. We do this while prioritizing feedback from the membership.

We created the assistant community manager position in an effort to give members an opportunity to participate in managing the game and to maintain transparency with how the staff conducts itself behind the scenes. The position rotates on a quarterly (every three months) basis and is decided via a dice roll. Only current pack managers are eligible and they must volunteer.

If you're looking for pack managers specifically, please see the current listing here. Each pack's PMs are also indicated in bold in their respective rank listings.

If you have a question, we encourage you to post in the Help Desk so the larger community can benefit. Some other resources include the maintenance thread and the #game-hq channel. For more personal matters, we welcome you to come to us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. In order to get the timeliest response, be sure to copy EVERYONE LISTED BELOW on any correspondence. Please be aware that the staff is typically only active on weekdays.

Asori (Ira) — Send a private message!
Autumn (Sialuk) — Send a private message!
Kat (Towhee) — Send a private message!
Lauren (Arcturus) — Send a private message!
Melee (Sadhbh) — Send a private message!
Starr (Rosalyn) — Send a private message!

Please do not DM or tag us on Discord if you need community manager assistance. Messages and mentions are easily lost or ignored on there. We participate in the chat server primarily as members, not staff, and prefer to keep formal correspondence on the site. Thanks for understanding.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!
September 16, 2018, 05:20 PM
Wolf is meant to be a member-driven and collaborative space.  In this spirit, the CM team is here to enforce a baseline set of rules within our guidebook, but does not mediate player conflict.  This decision was made for the following reasons:
  • In interpersonal conflicts, it too often isn't possible for management to know the unbiased story.
  • CMs are volunteers; we are not therapists, nor are we trained to handle situations that are outside of game maintenance.
  • We are determined to avoid any sign of "favoritism", and unless a ruling is based on policy, we cannot display this well in such a tight-knit community.
  • Wolf is a community for adults, and "straight talk" and compromise should be the values we hold here.  Below are some suggestions you can use in common situations, but if compromise cannot be met, avoiding interaction might be for the best.
This is not meant to discourage members from approaching us with any concerns they may have.

Lack of enforcement does not mean we are not willing to discuss problems.  And just because a concern is not addressed immediately does not mean we do not keep records.  Sometimes we simply need the time to determine if a report is sound and a wide enough problem that it needs to be addressed.  We need to be able to give every single member equal benefit of the doubt when it comes to policy violations.

Disagreements =/= Discourtesy

Common situations where disagreements may arise and how you might address each.
Our Appendix: Courtesy & Brave Space Guidelines is another great resource to use for these conversations.
  • I am unhappy with a thread's outcome for my character.
    • Reach out and communicate this to my thread partner.  Explain the outcome I wanted and why.  See if they have any ideas for shifting the thread to make us both happy.
    • Ask to roll dice - leave the outcome to fate rather than player agreement (if one cannot be made).
    • Close the thread unfinished - assume a vague outcome.
    • Do not enter conflict unless an outcome is agreed upon first.
      • Remember, this is a collaborative space.  It is not fair to expect your own way without allowing other players their perspectives.  Every character has a right to live up to their potential - and this means, sometimes, one character must "lose" and another must "win".
  • I am unhappy with another character's views of my character.
    • If the discussion is in an ooc space, privately express to that player that it hurts my feelings when they speak about it, even in IC terms.  Allow them to allay those fears (or at least discuss it).
    • Keep in mind that character views do not equal player views.  Perhaps take some time offline to sit on it.
    • Distance my character from the other.  If writing with someone upsets me, I shouldn't force myself, not on a site where having fun is the number one goal.
  • I don't like another player for OOC reasons.
    • If the other player has done harmful things and is not a good fit for Wolf, send a PM to the CM team.
    • Keep my distance from the player.  Don't engage with them OOC or IC - there are plenty of others to thread with.
    • If anything occurs in the future, send repeat updates.  Keep my updates as unbiased as possible, and if friends have problems, tell them to report as well.  If I say "a lot of people have a problem", this isn't helpful to the CMs, as the only perspective they are hearing is my own.

OOC Discourtesy is not tolerated

Situations where CM intervention is necessary and strikes will likely be given.
  • Someone is attacking my writing style outside of offering hints (e.g. nudges).
    • Wolf is a space for every member to write together.  While I should be aware that criticisms with regards to metagaming, powerplay, and other guidelines are valid, I passed the application process and therefore have a right to be here.
  • Someone is insulting me in Wolf's public spaces or private messages.
    • CMs are responsible for the content within their domain.  That content needs to fit the guidebook as enforced - and personal insults are not allowed.
  • A member I've blocked is still trying to get ahold of me.
    • Send a PM to the CMs.  My way of handling our interpersonal issues was to put up boundaries, and those boundaries deserve to be respected.
  • A member is repeatedly harassing me about a situation despite me asking them to stop.
    • This member likely is doing this to others as well, and is ruining my experience within the game.  I should report this to the CM team, knowing that if they don't address it right away, a pattern will show.

The above lists are not exhaustive - in a space as large and varied as WOLF, it would be impossible to provide a list without exception.  However, our hope is that they provide members with a better outline of what to expect from management going forward.