06. Game Management
March 14, 2015, 10:24 AM
Site Account

Although WOLF is a member-driven community, community managers handle programming, maintenance and other necessary managerial tasks. Our goal is to gently guide the IC community as needed to keep the game inspiring and fun. We do this while prioritizing feedback from the membership.

We created the assistant community manager position in an effort to give members an opportunity to participate in managing the game and to maintain transparency with how the staff conducts itself behind the scenes. The position rotates on a quarterly (every three months) basis and is decided via a dice roll. Only current pack managers are eligible and they must volunteer.

If you're looking for pack managers specifically, please see the current listing here. Each pack's PMs are also indicated in bold in their respective rank listings.

If you have a question, we encourage you to post in the Help Desk so the larger community can benefit. Some other resources include the maintenance thread and the #game-hq channel. For more personal matters, we welcome you to come to us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. In order to get the timeliest response, be sure to copy EVERYONE LISTED BELOW on any correspondence. Please be aware that the staff is typically only active on weekdays.

Autumn (Kaertok) — Send a private message!
Kat (Towhee) — Send a private message!
Lauren (Arcturus) — Send a private message!
Melee (Zombie) — Send a private message!
Starr (Rosalyn) — Send a private message!
Wilthking (Greyback) — Send a private message!

Please do not DM or tag us on Discord if you need community manager assistance. Messages and mentions are easily lost or ignored on there. We participate in the chat server primarily as members, not staff, and prefer to keep formal correspondence on the site. Thanks for understanding.

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!
September 16, 2018, 05:20 PM
A while ago the CM team decided, as a whole, that we no longer mediate player discourse.  If player A has a problem with player B, that conversation should be between those two only first and foremost, because person C will never have all of the context.  Wolf is a large community with a lot going on behind the scenes.

However, this does not mean that you cannot reach out to us.  Even if the situation is not enough to merit CM intervention, as players sometimes we can provide a valuable, unbiased sounding board. We may share what is said with the other CMs/ACM (unless otherwise specified).  But we will not share anything discussed with anyone else on the site, not even privately.

So when do we step in?

The below list is not exhaustive, but does provide some context to compare against.

Extreme discourtesy
Differing opinions are not discourtesy. Even if the tone does not seem courteous, discussions can get heated. But as long as the talk remains non-personal we do not intervene (outside of perhaps asking players to take these discussions to a space other than a public discord channel).

Extreme discourtesy would involve personal attacks, extreme language, or any other offensive behavior directed at another player.  Screenshot and send it our way and we will handle it how we see fit depending on the severity.

You have the right to remove yourself from any situation on wolf that is making you unhappy; this is a game first and foremost.  If another player refuses to respect this, relentlessly messaging despite requests not to, screenshot and send it to us.

Obvious rule breach
We don't have a lot of rules, but we have a few! Come to us with any outright power play, unapproved character killing, or any other (thankfully rare) roleplay violations.  We do prefer that you reach out to the other member first, but if the problem is obvious, we can step in.

Metagaming and other more situational breaches we will not respond to unless they come from a party who is directly involved.  We appreciate that friends want to look out for one another, but again, context is hard to know under assumption.

This applies to a good number of things - the phrase "a lot of players are upset" is hard to judge. "I am upset" is more direct an approach and gives us a far better grasp on the actions we need to take. We need to hear it from the source, otherwise we can't be sure there is actually an issue.

In summary...

Wolf is and always will be what its members choose to make it.  If you see behavior you do not like, let the member know.  Be positive, have fun, and if a situation gets out of hand, take a step back.  The site will still be here later!

Feel free to come to staff with any questions and inquiries.