Profile of Kaede IA: Quick Facts
Kaede IA
Played By: Starrlight
Basic Info
Full Name: Kaede Hayataka
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 (March 2013)
Birthplace: Makioka Forest
At a Glance
Friendly, clever, can be manipulative. He can sometimes come off as a bit of a prick, but only to those he deems deserve that sort of attention.

As far as appearance goes, brown. Just brown.
Profile of Kaede IA: Details
Dressed in earth tones, mostly brown. Brown eyes.

Somewhat slim, not very large. He is built more for speed and grace than strength. His stamina is average, better suited for quicker expenditures than the long haul. He uses his wits more often than his physical skill.
Diplomatic, personable, charismatic
Holds honor as extremely important
Respects those who respect him and hold themselves to standards
Has lofty expectations
Does not forgive or forget
Father: Ryuu Hayataka
Mother: Kiyoko Oyama
Brother to many

Cousin to many, but most notably Amekaze, Kaminari, and the other Rikudou children (through his mother's line).
Pack History
Makioka Forest
-- 03/2013 to 06/2014
Profile of Kaede IA: Additional Information
Registered on October 29, 2014, last visited (Hidden)
Kaede - 楓 - "maple"
Haya - 隼 - "falcon"
Taka - 貴 - "valuable, noble"
Makioka - 槇岡 - "black pine ridge"

Uses Japanese phrases at times, hover for translations (if mobile they may be edited in later)
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