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Basic Info
Full Name: Whittier Frostfur
Subspecies: Arctic x Mackenzie x Great Plains
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (May 8, 2015)
Birthplace: Nova Peak, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Pale brown and husky.
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Profile of Whittier: Details
Though he has grown from the little lump of pale brown puppy, he is still quite the lump. The baby fat that plagued him as a child clings still to his bones, making him appear soft and hefty. While he doesn't match either of his muscular, athletic parents in body type, he is the perfect mix of them in coloration - pale shades of tawny draped over pure white with his mother's blue-gray eyes.
Whit is a lazy wolf that seems to stir himself only to exercise his tendency towards gluttony. It can be said that he is a very curious fellow and also quite determined, nevermind that this is evidenced by the fact that he's often curious to see if things are edible and determined to eat them regardless.

In spite of his less ideal qualities, he has proved himself to be a loving and generally cheerful boy who very much dislikes being alone and covets all the cuddles. He has also grown somewhat of a protective streak, though he doesn't have the fighting skills to back it. His nose is pretty decent too, but he's not quite sharp enough to back that either. He sure is endearing, though! ...when he's not being kind of obnoxious.
Whit was born once. Then his home fell down, so he and his family moved. But then a bear started haunting his new home and his brother got his eyeballs ripped out. Then his parents decided they didn't like each other, so they all went to a new home. Then his parents split up, but they went ahead and had more babies anyway. Finally, his sister left and in a spectacularly dim-witted fit of brotherly protectiveness, he went after her - and it would likely prove to be one of his worst ideas to date.


It totally was one of his worst ideas to date. He never found his sister, but did eventually wind up living with his adopted brother on the Coast with this super creepy lady that he kind of had the hots for. Another terrible idea struck him shortly after that lead him to wading out into the ocean to try to catch a fish for his pack, who was starving due to a famine. An undercurrent caught him and swept him out to sea. His body later washed up on the shore and was found by the same adoptive brother, who proceeded to eat him.

Hey, no rules during a famine mmkay.
Pack History
Mother: Bazi Frostfur
Father: Scimitar Frostfur
Littermates: Swift , Pasha , and Allure
Younger Siblings: Wilder , Bathsheva , Scythe and Shamshir
Nova Peak (Spring 2015 to Autumn 2015)
Jade Fern Grove (Autumn 2015 to Late Autumn 2015)
Everwinter Ridge (Late Autumn 2015 to Mid-Winter 2016)
Saltwinter (May 2016 - June 2016)
Profile of Whittier: Additional Information
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