Profile of Kelso: Quick Facts
Played By: Houkie
Basic Info
Full Name: Kelso Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (October 18, 2012)
Birthplace: Sedona, Arizona
At a Glance
Silver/grey agouti with dashes of russet, cream, and cinnamon. Dark blue eyes. Tall and slender.
Profile of Kelso: Details
His fur is mostly varying shades of silver, with dashes of russet, cream, and cinnamon mixed in throughout and a peppering of black along his neck, back, and flanks. His eyes are dark, shadowy, midnight blue. He is tall and lanky, with a wiry quality to his build that hints at distant coyote roots. He weighs around 75-80 pounds and stands 31 inches tall at the shoulder.

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reference by pallas stormthorn
Dedicated, honest, and hard-working, but occasionally reckless and a little dim-witted, Kelso could best be described as a charming, somewhat useful bonehead. He is quick to love, though currently he still mourns the loss of his first mate and isn't really looking for romance. Like most in his family, he is possessed of a powerful wanderlust and loves to travel and explore new places.

In a pack, he would best be suited for roles that allow him to protect and provide.
Kelso's upbringing was pretty ordinary, with nothing especially noteworthy happening until his second spring when he developed a strong case of wanderlust and took off from his birth pack (this tends to be a thing with Ostregas). He traveled for many months, never staying in one place for long. Until he met Kasaka.

At one point during his travels through the Sierra Nevada mountains, his heart was captured by the bold young she-wolf draped in white. Her attempts to convince the leaders of her pack to allow him to join were unsuccessful, as her alpha was extremely untrusting of outsiders. Kelso spent two seasons living beyond the outlands of her pack, their time together limited to secretive trysts in the dead of night when Kasaka could sneak away to see him. The love between them became something deep and powerful, with Kasaka even secretly taking his surname as her own. In spite of this, however, she was afraid to leave her pack for the unpredictable life of a loner.

One late winter night in 2015, Kasaka -- driven to recklessness by the frenzy of her heat -- went to Kelso and the pair allowed their passion to consume them beneath the moonlight. Unfortunately, there were several hopeful males following Kasaka around (as is typically the case with females in season) and the lovers were seen. Word got back to her pack and Kelso was violently driven out of the area. He tried twice to go back and find Kasaka, to beg her to come away with him, but both times was viciously attacked by members of her pack -- the second time, he was nearly killed. Unable to bear the thought of being so close to her but never seeing her again, Kelso left the area and headed northwest.

Still mourning the loss of his mate and wondering if he might now be a father (unbeknownst to him, Kasaka would indeed bear a litter of his pups later in the spring), Kelso found the Teekon Wilds in late spring. Tired of traveling, he decided to remain in the area for a while. He didn't stick around for long, though -- due to a severe famine that ravaged the area at that time, he was forced to move on after a few weeks.
Parents: Leviathan & Chena Ostrega
Older Siblings: Mixik, Syntax, Esmerine, Dhani, Chakra, Chandra, Kalali, Taviana, Mordecai, Arden, Sonoma, Deshyr, Verrine & Winslow
Littermates: Calico & Ely
Former Mate: Kasaka Winterheart Ostrega
Offspring: Saor, Nyx, Dirge, Grey & Lestra Winterheart Ostrega. All unknown to Kelso, these pups were born after he was driven out of the area.

Extended family tree:
Pack History
Sedona, Arizona
Birth Pack: Middle-ranked, mostly, and was recognized as one of the pack's most skilled hunters.

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
Attempted to join his lover's pack but was turned away by the alpha. Was eventually driven away from the area.

Teekon Wilds
Wandered alone for a time, before famine ultimately forced him to move on. Present whereabouts are unknown.
Profile of Kelso: Additional Information
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