Profile of Axolotl: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Axolotl Corten
Subspecies: Mixed (vancouver island x coastal wolf)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (April 4, 2014)
Birthplace: Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island
At a Glance
[Image: tumblr_njiuwfbCla1rk4nywo2_250.gif]
Profile of Axolotl: Details
drawn by eredhys; commissioned by kj

height: 37" — length: 67" — weight: 100 lbs.

stalwart build is covered by a mixture of varying shades of brown with over-creamed coffee accents. bears over-creamed coffee “ticks” on his dorsal, cape and cheeks that mimic the fringes of his namesake. glacial blue eyes.

HUMAN MODELorlando bloom · voice
[Image: tumblr_om3ajlj6HF1swhj4ro2_540.gif]
there are no bargains between lions and men.
i will kill you and eat you raw...
the song of achillies (madeline miller)

protective. loyal. tenacious. observant. raptorial. devout. pious. unpredictable with a temperament as ever changing as the sea.
inspired by the myths of the sea monsters: leviathan, jörmungandr, charybdis & scylla
Axolotl was a scrappy little six month old cub when he dispersed with his older sister Ixchel, and littermate Cipactli from their natal pack and joined Riptide Corten’s ranks in October 2014. He nearly drowned en route to Vargas Island but was rescued by Tarnish, the alpha female Kirynnae’s littermate. When Riptide was gravely injured the following summer, Tarnish rose to leadership as the pack’s beta male. Riptide’s son Undertow challenged Tarnish for the alpha rank and lost. Shortly afterward, Undertow left to find and bring Crosscurrent home.

When Crosscurrent returned in early July 2015, Tarnish challenged him immediately. The older male was weakened from the injuries he’d sustained during his fight with Undertow and wanted to assert his dominance while Crosscurrent was still travel-weary. When Crosscurrent won, Tarnish left Vargas Island along with Riptide’s younger sister and several young wolves who bore no blood relation to Corten’s descendants. He staked his own claim on the neighboring Meares Island.

Ixchel, Cipactli and Axolotl were among the band who followed Tarnish, and though they initially feared a rift would grow between them and their erstwhile pack brothers and sisters, the Vargas Island and Meares Island Cortens remained close allies.
written by kj
→ Father:
Mother: Chumani

→ July 20, 2013:
Ixchel , Chenoa , Itztli
April 4, 2014: Cipactli , Citlalmina

→ 2017:

considers himself a corten by adoption
Pack History

nootka sound, vargas island, meares island

[Image: warrior.gif] — earned. n/a
→ warrior — earned. n/a

[Image: naturalist.gif] — earned. n/a
→ astronomer — earned. n/a

Profile of Axolotl: Additional Information
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comprehensive nootka sound culture & religion (x); a current work in progress.

axolotl — the name “axolotl” is thought to have originated from the aztecs, derived from two words: atl, meaning “water”, and xolotl meaning “monster”.
Art Credits
by sharaiza; commissioned by kj
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she spoke to the king in me
and slept with the beast
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