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Basic Info
Full Name: Kasatka "Kitten" Corten
Subspecies: 25% Vancouver Island || 25% Coastal || 50% Eastern Timber
Sex: Female
Age: 0.9 (04/07/2018)
Birthplace: Dawnlark Plains (Morningside)
At A Glance
A lithe, half-grown wolf with thick, tawny fur and pumpkin-orange eyes
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Profile of Kasatka: Details
Kasatka is a lanky, medium-sized juvenile, still growing into her long legs and large ears. She bears a passing resemblance to her mother, Catori, albeit without such striking colors or contrasts. In the winter, her coat lighten's to Catori's creamy base pelt, but in summer, it darkens to pale greys and faded tawny.

Scent: the fine, grey mist of an April morning. the briny plume of a breaching whale. something warm and thrumming and alive. the beat of a hummingbird's wings. a whisper. a song.

Summer Coat
[Image: K563I0e.png?1]
Winter Coat
[Image: gqmCRoO.png?1]
Determined and optimistic
Born to Grayday and Catori Corten on Dawnlark plains. Graydad died. Aditya became her father-figure. A fire happened. Got lost. Stayed with Auntie Sunspot for a while. Returned home. Aditya left. Ran away to find him. Tried to come home but left again to look for Aditya more. Tried to return home again but they'd moved. Joined Drageda.
Pack History
Sire: Grayday Corten (née: Morningside, Sameth)
Dam: Catori "The Spiritwalker" Corten
Littermates: Winterbourne and Eventide
Siblings: Sunny and Dawn; Dauntless, Lavender, and Easy
Aunts & Uncles: Murdock, Greeneyes, Sunspot, Shale, Pema
Cousins: Coelacanth, Stockholm, Koi, Grayling, Sixgill, Thresher, Timberlake, Radcliffe, Padma, Meadow, King, Blueridge, Silversong, Saturnalia, Valkyrie
Family by choice: Aditya
MORNINGSIDE04/07/2018 - 08/24/2018
ROUND VALLEY08/26/2018 - 09/09/2018
LONE WOLFa few months in between Morningside and Round Valley, and then again between Round Valley and Drageda. She moved around a lot.
DRAGEDA12/12/2018 - present
Profile of Kasatka: Additional Information
HCM Character. For every serious fight she is in, I will roll for injury/death.
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