Profile of Timberlake: Quick Facts
Played By: Miryam
Basic Info
Full Name: Timberlake Morningside
Subspecies: Eastern Timber & Tibetan
Sex: Male
Age: 1.6 (6/22/18)
Birthplace: Morningside
Profile of Timberlake: Details

a big wolf, mottled dark brown;

amber eyes like his father

huge paws and smile
[Image: uHPjRlW.jpg]
[Image: gi1frpnwxwneawctg3dm.gif]

happy, positive, a little dopey
โ€” born alongside three littermates to Pema & Shale in June 2018

โ€” lost his father two months later in a wildfire

โ€” left with cousin Eventide to find other members of their family up north in October 2018
Immediate Family
Pema & Shale
Padma, Radcliffe, Meadow
Extended Family
Aunt and Uncle:
Sunspot & Grayday
First cousins:
Sunny, Dawn
Dauntless, Easy, Lavender
Winterbourne, Eventide, Kasatka
First cousins once removed:
Minnow, Valiant, Phillip
Brook, Stone
Juniper, Storm, Winter, Frost

Only in-game relations are shown. Click here for the full Sameth family tree.

Pack History
Summer 2018 - Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018 - present
Profile of Timberlake: Additional Information
Registered on April 20, 2018, last visited April 29, 2020, 10:49 PM
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Player Notes
Eastern Standard Time ยท Weeknight availability

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