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Basic Info
Full Name: Atiena
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (May 13, 2013)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon
Profile of Atienaa: Details
❝ I am a wind across the sea
I am a flood across the plain... ❞

Painted in warm hues that one might think are friendly, inviting. Please don't let the colors confuse you. Honey eyes with an earthy pelt. She is built large and thick, more so than the average female.

Atiena is not a creature to be overlooked. Her mere presence demands respect.
❝ Who gathers the divisions, enthralls the sea,
sets in order the mountains. the rivers, the peoples... ❞

❝ Who but I is both the tree and the lightning that strikes it... ❞

Destined to be a warrior queen alongside a strong leading male, her future plans were thwarted when she wound up pregnant after a whirl of a breeding season. Selfish and only thinking of herself she planned to abandon the children as soon as possible, not just pushing them onto a den-mother but eliminating them altogether. Despite the danger it put her into she gave birth outside of the pack's lands, leaving the morning after to return to the pack. She was swift to announce that none survived. Anyone who dared to press the matter further was met with aggressive behavior from her. Expecting them not to survive, the memory of them slowly died down in her mind although she can't stop the occasional wandering of her mind.

She went about her life like nothing ever happened. Until a furious storm overcame the lands. Floods took over and lightning strikes threatened to start fires. They had to find safety but stubbornly she stayed to defend her rightful lands. Nature made sure she would move though, one way or another.

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Please contact Moonshadow for information about Atiena.
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