Profile of Hawkes: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Watney "Hawkes” Hawkens
Subspecies: Iberian/Red Wolf
Gender: Male
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (09-13-18)
Birthplace: Tortuga
At a Glance
[Image: 3b3585c53f22c0437a88f810c3d3b84d.gif]
Profile of Hawkes: Details
dark brown with a cream-colored underbelly and red highlights. unnerving yellow eyes.
average size, decently strong, but much more built for speed than brute strength.
he is always clean - meticulously so. his fur is neat and tidy and streamlined.
appears mostly androgynous - it is hard to determine his biological sex, especially with his voice being raspy and deeper.
observant as hell - not much gets past hawkes. his ability to read people is generally very accurate, and it is a skill that he's used throughout his life in order to survive.
perpetually tired - hawkes is always vigilant and therefore struggles to close his eyes long enough to fall asleep. he can go quite a long time without proper rest, but has a tendency to crash pretty hard when he does sleep. (he sleeps like the dead.)
charming - he is fairly pretty, and he knows it. he won't flirt with just anybody, but if he thinks the other person will be open to it, or if he thinks it will benefit him to do so, he will. mostly, he is just friendly.
intelligent - wip
dishonest - wip
selfish - wip
lonely - wip
curious - wip
Profile of Hawkes: Additional Information
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