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Played By: R/Rachel
Basic Info
Full Name: Matias "Stormborne" Trujillos Face: Charlie Hunnam (Jackson Teller) Partner: n/a
Subspecies: Wolf (25% Timber x 25% NRM x 50% Mexican) Sexuality: bisexual (no preference)
Sex: Male
Age: 3.3 (October 5, 2017)
Birthplace: California Hearthside:
At a Glance
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a thug with a heart of gold.

smells like creosote, desert sage, whiskey.
speaks in a smoky, raspy baritone. faintly drawling and spiced by an amber accent of latinx origin.
Profile of Matias: Details
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Quote:"A direwolf will rip a man's arm off his shoulder as easily as a dog will kill a rat." - Eddard Stark

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195 lbs
37" tall
43" long

Colossal. Leviathan. A goliath cloaked in the umber shadows and rich, earthen silks of a primordial forest; a relic of a forgotten era: a direwolf of olde, necromanced. Draped in hues of sacred groves and burnt embers, the Ujier towers over most he meets and strikes intimidation into the hearts of many.

Much like a seal point Himalayan, the Serafine is a deep sable with smooty points of charcoal. In truth, he is a diluted version of a black phase Timber wolf.

Matias, "Stormborne", earns his name in the thin, fern-limbs of half-healed burn scars curling over his shoulder blades and back. Though the veins of Lichtenburg marks have faded, the lines remain hairless and prominent with warped liver skin. The peak of his left shoulder is marked by a ritualistic tattoo, a killmark, of a simplified demon's skull - carved into his flesh by the charter's Presidente and smeared with desert ochres to dye it a deep, bloody red. This brand was given when Matias was 'patched' into the Seraphim's leadership tier as El Pacificador .

Gunmetal eyes, champagne in the right light, are set grimly over a square jaw with slight snaggleteeth (his upper canines protruding from his lips just so). His expression is oft pensive, analytical gaze dissecting the world around him with surgical precision.
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Alignment: Neutral Evil | Tarot: The Devil | Religion: cult of Sainte de Muerte

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Quote:"A silence fell across the torchlit hall, and in the quiet Catelyn could hear Grey Wind howling half a castle away. He smells the blood, she thought, through stone walls and wooden doors, through night and rain, he still knows the scent of death and ruin." - Catelyn Stark

Much as clay upon a potter's wheel, the Sainte has been molded and sculpted in myriad of method. The progeny of his native tribe's wayward culture, a collage of those most admirable to him.

Naturally astute, the Stormborne has proven resourceful, innovative, and cunning by turns. Flip the coin, however, and many will find the dark side to display a rusted savant of a tactician -- a warlord who has led great armies and seen kingdoms crumble as if their castles were made of nothing more than sand. As such, Matias could just as easily be described as august, imperial, and militaristic.

An earthly, stern creature who toils not over pleasantries, simpering, or flattery. Similarly, he refuses to waste air on petty emotions. The outlaw is undoubtedly best described as taciturn, dignified, and monarchial.

To those who do manage to worm their way into his stony heart, they will find the Lieutenant to be fiercely protective and possessive of his own.
• Born the bastard boy of an unwanted pregnancy, his mother soon handed him off on the closest relative when she got the chance. Not long after he was weaned, the unnamed boy was given to a nearby pack known as the Saints of the Dying Light.

• Here, he was lumped in with the orphans of the Saints' wars to be inducted into their culture and trained as a soldier. During this time, he met and bonded with the leader's son -- Kynareth Deagon.

• As children, the two were inseparable. They ate, slept, trained, and sparred together -- seemingly glued to one another's side. In adolescence this would morph into attraction and lust, leading the young males to experiment as lovers. When Kynareth began pursuing Sasha, however, Matias backed off significantly in disapproval. When the two became mates, Matias decided to leave the Saints and journey south to one of their sister packs within the Triumvirate, el Calaveras de Serafines, where he joined the charter as a Prospect.

• Over time, the Seraph worked his way up the chain of command to Ujier and eventually, El Pacificador. During his time with the Seraphim, the leader bonded with an esposa de guerra (or warwife) amongst their ranks, Sofía, and though their relationship was short-lived, it produced a pair of pups whom Matias became the proud father to.

• During a battle, heat lightning struck the earth and several of Matias' comrades were injured and killed. Matias himself was burned badly in the process (though he lived, earning him the name 'Stormborne' or 'hijo de la tormenta'). Sofía perished in battle, which saddened Matias so greatly that he left the Seraphs and chose to go on a trip back home and see the Saints.

• Upon returning, Matias found The Abbey to be deserted but there was no sign of Sasha's or Kynareth's bodies among the wreckage. Hoping to find his friend and get some answers, Matias sets out in search of Kynareth.

° Matias finds himself within Teekon Wilds where he soon happens across Kynareth and his resurrected Saints.


• considers Kynareth Deagon, to be a brother-in-arms and ex-lover.

Sofía Abalos , his kamarado (comrade in battle) and former flame.

• His twin sons: Vidal Acheron Abalos-Tujillos & Rai Helel Abalos-Tujillos (via Sofía Abalos, c. 2019).

Pack History

Dagger, Acolyte, Blade

Perspectiva (Prospect), Ujier (Sergeant-at-arms), El Pacificador (The Peacemaker)


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Profile of Matias: Additional Information
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• Loosely inspired by SOA as well as Mayans MC. (As well as their real life counterparts: the Hell's Angels and Mongols MC).

• Speaks the "southron tongue" (Spanish).
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love.
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