Profile of Inari: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Kaminari "Inari" Rikudou
Subspecies: ½ Eastern Timber × ½ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6✝ (November 10, 2012 — March 19, 2019)
Birthplace: Mount Rikudou
At a Glance
Silvery, tall and thin while still gracefully moonlit, his eyes were minty green—usually with a strange, wandering look about them.
Profile of Inari: Details
A pale-coated oddity among his dark siblings, his ghostly silvers were lightest at his underside and only subtly darker towards his topline, where he also had a small swatch of reddish-brown just past his shoulders. The same shade returned to tip his ears and at the top of his tail. His eyes were silver tree green and his overall appearance is lean, willowy, and elegant. He had identifiable scars—two noticeable gashes over his left side ribs, old puncture wounds on his chest & above the hips near his spine, and a long line across his forehead over above the right eye.
A harmonic and devoted individual, with an almost ethereal air about him. He nurtured an interest in plantlife, and had effective enough skills to make for a stealthy messenger. But, there were moments when he suffered an altered state of time and self-awareness that could cause issues—and a shade of unpredictability about him in the right sorts of light. His diminished sense of reality never helped.
He was born upon his mother's mountain and raised by her, the enigmatic sage, and his elder sister primarily. He was exceptionally close to them and his littermate Mizuna. Love and adoration for them ran deep. Together they trained (he was an eager student) and survived, until he was swept into the current of a river and lost.. despite their best efforts to find him. Eventually, he was presumed dead, and not without a heavy heart.

The circumstances of his disappearance left him lost courtesy a sharp blow to the head which rendered him unable to return home on his own volition. Struggle followed the trauma and the recovery of his memory was exceptionally gradual. He held fast to his name—most of it, anyway—and assumed the status of meager drifter in search of something he does not know how to find. All he could recall is a mountain, and other scattered pieces, all while trying to move forward; he kept eking by just enough to survive and travel in short bursts.

Come summer, he managed to find his sister's mountain. While not exactly the one he was looking for, he decided it suited him well enough to join her cause and attempt to remember himself better while doing so. It was a quiet, small pack at the time so he was often left to his own devices. Early in the autumn, his sister made the choice to move the pack and combine their numbers with another small pack. Shortly before they began to scout for new territory, Inari drifted and wandered. He continued to search for anything familiar to him and scraped by at the bare minimum once more. Eventually, his scavenging led him upon an aggressive white bear. He was attacked, then forced headfirst into a brush with death, but he survived yet again. When he healed, Inari traveled as he always did, perhaps more confident in his strange place between lives finally.

Near the height of winter, he slipped into a cavern-occupying pack called Ryūjin and stayed with them through the springtime. He always maintained a low profile there, and came to serve as their Sukauto—a scout, with which he continued to wander the Teekon. This led him to finding Ukko, now Surma, injured. When he did, he decided to stay with him and left Ryūjin behind to range out further yet again. Eventually, a long winter and a steady decline in his health steered his route back towards the vague familiarity of the Teekons. He took his time, making stops along the way, but returned one early autumn and soon holed up on the slopes of the Sunspire.

When his ailing body could no longer sustain itself, after the hard freeze of a lingering winter took its toll, he passed quietly in a high-elevation cave late one night.
Grandparents: Jorine Kimuzukashii ♀✝, Ulrich Yomenimoakarui ♂✝, Dhyana Eizokusei ♀✝ & Tvastr Eizokusei ♂✝
Parents: Yuurei Oyama ♀✝ & Makyo Eizokusei ♂✝
Siblings: 12/24/2011: Yuugasumi Rikudou ♂✝, Taiyaku Rikudou ♂✝, Amekaze Rikudou ♀✝, Hakai Rikudou ♀✝, Kyuuden Rikudou ♂✝
11/10/2012: Mizuna Rikudou ♀✝
10/31/2013: Kōsetsu Rikudou ♂✝, Hinote Rikudou ♂✝, Shuryuu Rikudou ♀✝, Reikou Rikudou ♀✝
07/24/2014: Syakkiri Rikudou ♂
Cousins: Kaede Hayataka ♂, Jomyo Eizokusei & others
Nieces: (via Amekaze) Korei Julia Ostrega ♀, Alya Ostrega ♀, Lyra Ostrega ♀, Hydra Ostrega ♀, Vela Ostrega ♀, Galaxy Ostrega ♀✝, Ran Ostrega ♀✝, Yama Ostrega ♀, Yami Ostrega
Nephews: Jarilo Ostrega ♂, Arcturus Ostrega ♂, Uyo Revui Ostrega

Mate: none
Offspring: none
Pack History
Mount Rikudou (11/10/2012 — 05/27/2013)
The Sunspire (07/28/2015 — 9/19/2015)
Pearlview (6/25/2016 — 8/19/2016)
Ryūjin (12/22/2016 — 4/10/2017)
Wanderer (4/11/2017 — 03/19/2019)

Profile of Inari: Additional Information
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○ "Kaminari" (雷) translates to thunder. "Inari" (稲荷) is a god of harvests, Uka-no-Mitama. He is roughly inspired by the Inari myth
○ "Rikudou" (六道) is a surname that comes from the mountain of his birthplace given only to him and his siblings. It can mean "deities" or refer to the "six journeys", or "six realms of existence" in Buddhist cosmology.
○ (threads and posts dated before 2/15/16 are by a previous player who had adopted him briefly)
○ an utter mess.

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