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The System
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: The System
Subspecies: DID System
Sex: Female
Gender: It varies!
Pronouns: They/Them
Age: 28 (April 2nd 1994)
Birthplace: USA
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Profile of The System: Additional Information
Registered on January 27, 2022, last visited December 01, 2022, 08:26 AM
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Player Notes
Our Player Policies

· Due to being a dissociative system (a collection of many separate identities inside one body), sometimes specific players are not available. It's also possible that a specific player will integrate (two or more people within the system fusing to become a different person), which leaves the original character(s) up in the air. In either instance, the character(s) in question will then be posted by other members of the system, but sometimes a specific person will claim them, in which case they'll get their own player section below! Other times, the system just might not have muse for the "floating" characters as we call them, in which case we just let them fall inactive until someone does get muse for them.
· We prefer to spree but we will gladly accept all threads.
· We prefer a mix of OOC/IC plotting with a focus on natural character progression.
· Most of our characters have mature histories, and thus are subject to mature themes.
· We archive after two weeks of no posts. We are always willing to revive a thread, just message us.
· If we do not post within one week, please feel free to tag or message us. We try to prioritize oldest to newest, or plot-heavy threads!

Alice typically fronts/posts 2 times a week when possible.

Lenora, Lorelai, Finch, Mourning


As the current host, Elle is almost always available. She tries to post daily!

Astraios, Calida, Siptah, Vex, Vale, Zahir

Cerne, Lucius, Noir, Thursday's Dawn, Venere

Violante tries to front and post at least two times a week.

Violante, Violante II


System Characters
These characters don't have any one single player - anyone in our system can write as these characters, even if they don't have their own character on-site!

Primary Characters
Secondary Characters
Inactive/Deceased Characters
Ashlyn, Aura, Belladonna, Cinna, Khalys, Kjotve, Nyamh, Qadira, Wojteka

Spar/Fight Guidelines

· All participants start at 30 HP.
· A 1d10 will be rolled to decide damage.
· The following bonuses are applied to the damage roll, where applicable (please note there is a maximum of +6 additional damage!):
Hunter Trade: +1
Deerstalker: +1 for specialty, +2 for mastery
Mercenary Trade: +1
Guardian: +1 for specialty, +2 for mastery
Tactician: +1 for specialty, +2 for mastery
Warrior: +1 for specialty, +2 for mastery
Scout Trade: +1
Ranger: +1 for specialty, +2 for mastery
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