Profile of Jay: Quick Facts
Played By: Starrlight
Basic Info
Full Name: Odhran "Bluejay"
Subspecies: Wolf mix
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 1 (4/25/22)
Birthplace: Redhawk Caldera (Brecheliant)
At a Glance
Probably destined to achieve peak himbo status.
Profile of Jay: Details
Bluish-grey with dark stippling, white belly/back socks, and the obligatory Blackthorn stripe.
Light green eyes.

He resembles a darker version of his dad.

Socially unaware and extremely confident. Nothing like either of his parents but he got what was important; even when he's an idiot, he clearly doesn't mean any harm.

Father - Eljay
Mother - Maia

Older siblings - Hymnal, Sylvie, Jasmine*, Roswell*, Diantha*
Littermates - Ceridwen, Chickadee, Aiden
Profile of Jay: Additional Information
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