Profile of Orvax: Quick Facts
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Orvax
β€” Formerly known as: Deathbringer, Sanguinex
Subspecies: Specifics Unknown
Size: Gigantic, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 4 (09/10/2018)
Birthplace: Far From Teekon Wilds
Profile of Orvax: Details
Milky white with sparse brown markings

❝ If you want power, you must commit yourself totallyβ€”every hair, every claw, every drop of blood. Anything else is weakness. ❞ β€” Erin Hunter

❝ Nothing in life is promised except death. ❞ β€” Kanye West

When the beast is born, all will run. Fangs will reach for every creature in sight. Throats will be slit and limbs will be torn until they are left unrecognizable. Souls are sought, for the seeking carrier has none for himself; as it was long ago lost.

'Mercy' is a word outcast in its entirety. Any who plea will receive the worst of his wrath. Affection is a manipulation, but one he will never attempt. Words are useless. Blood, in these eyes, is the sole fuel of desire. There is nothing he craves more.

executioner . annihilator . soul seeker . punisher . deathbringer

Pack History

LONER (10.02.22 β€” 10.15.22)

BASILICA (10.15.22 β€” 02.02.2023)
Pledge β€” Druid β€” Dagger

LONER (02.02.23 β€” 02.14.2023)

AKASHINGO (02.14.23 β€” 04.03.23)

LONER (04.03.23 β€” present)
Profile of Orvax: Additional Information
Registered on October 02, 2022, last visited (Hidden)

Art Credits
Lineart by NVSTY (DeviantArt)
Design by me, Heretic
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