Profile of Donnie: Quick Facts
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Donnie Ryder
Subspecies: wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Male
Gender: male
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 6 months (April 16, 2023)
Birthplace: Epoch (Northstar Vale)
At a Glance
Ash-blonde, paler around his shoulders. Dark patch on the top of his head, frightened, green eyes.
Profile of Donnie: Details
An ash-blonde child, paler along his shoulders. The bridge of his nose is the colour of sand, and he has a dark patch of fur on the top of his head between his ears. His eyes are green.

Presently, he is average in size, but quite gangly and thin.
Father: Ethan
Father: Dasher
Biological father: Void
year-older half-siblings: Ike and Mya
Siblings: Ember Jay, Elijah Franklin
Profile of Donnie: Additional Information
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