Profile of Elijah Franklin: Quick Facts
Elijah Franklin
Played By: Ryder
Basic Info
Full Name: Elijah Franklin (Eli Frankie)
Subspecies: 6.25% dog, 93.75% gray wolf
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 8 months (4-16-23)
Birthplace: Northstar Vale (Epoch)
At a Glance
Bright blue eyes and slightly dog-like look.
Profile of Elijah Franklin: Details
White based wolf with a black overcoat and black mask, and blue eyes. Spikey yet longer fur, slight dog-look to himself like his father Ethan, but mostly a wolf-base. Large and Muscular like his birth father Void.

[Image: image.png]
Hyper, always excited and up for challenges, social and outgoing, kinda full of himself, thinks he's great, pretty misogynistic and thinks of himself as better than others. Bully to anyone who is 'slow', and also transphobic and retaliated against his trans dad until he left the pack.
Born April 16th, to Dasher and Ethan in Epoch, alongside 2 brothers and a sister. He left the pack at 6 months old to explore the world on his own.

Semicolon bb ; (born on world semicolon day)
AFAB Father: Ethan (me)
AMAB Bio Dad: Void (me)
AMAB Raising Dad: Dasher (suledin)
Sister (Firstborn): Ember Jay (mercury)
Brother (3rd born): Leo Hawk (box)
Brother (4th and last born): Donnie Ryder (jess)
Half Brother (nearly 2 years older): Ike (me)
Pack History
Epoch from birth - 6 months
Loner from 6 months forward
Profile of Elijah Franklin: Additional Information
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