Profile of Sabah: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Sabah
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 1.8 (05/02/2021)
Birthplace: Away from teekon
At a Glance
thread titles from Queen of Kings lyrics
Profile of Sabah: Details

── ``no matter how hard they try, they can't look away`` ──

swathed in a generous cloak of sand, umber tan, chocolate, and sable. a pale, forest green hue gleams from an eager, stern ogle. teeth, sharp like daggers, peek from the corner of an often worn scowl — if you're lucky, maybe even from a haughty grin.

though not quite carrying the fullest masculine appearance, she is proportioned to a great height and massed of thick, trained muscle. but like man, she often disregards a ladylike posture and exchanges it for a slumped saunter.

— Lineart by Renotype
— Design by Rotten


── ``your hateful words will not define me`` ──

a fighter, both by means of physicality and mentality. after spending so long being pushed around a defined by other's words, her heart hardened in a way that taught her to know better. no longer will others make a fool of her.

a stranger to the feeling of love. when given, she will not so easily see it. nor will she ever expect it. she will be hesitant to accept and acknowledge it, perhaps to be dismissive of it entirely.

── ``only I can decide who I am and what I will become`` ──

where once she had a competitive demeanor, she no longer behaves this way. instead, she chooses to exclude others from her worry, focusing only on the job she was given to do: protect and advise her ajaw, and take care of her sister holcan. she considers them her family and will do anything for them.

although she has a somewhat thin line of patience, it takes a great deal to anger her. often times more calm and reserved, her fury saved for the heat of battle.

born with a manly body, rather one womanly, sabah quickly became an outcast amongst her family as she grew into maturity. where her culture wanted women to become wives and mothers, sabah wanted to use her size and strength to contribute as a protector. but none would allow it. socially speaking, it was looked down upon for a woman to flash tooth or strike claw. they were "designed", so to speak to flaunt their grace and beauty, to be obedient, and to act as the ancestors intended. but none of this was what sabah wanted.

furious, her parents fought even harder to match her with a suitor so that wandering eyes would no longer fall upon their family with shame. but with her appearance, no man dared call her beautiful. they looked towards her only with disgust. though, she did not care.
Pack History


(since 10.19.22)
seasoned member of the holcan, presently standing as their nacom
Profile of Sabah: Additional Information
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Art Credits
Lineart by Renotype
Design by Rotten
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· she follows and obeys only Kukulkaan, her ajaw and savior. only he is permitted to partake in any of her threads without first seeking permission, unless oocly stated otherwise.
· to her ajaw and fellow holcan, she will often be speaking yucatec mayan. it will be denoted as speech.

` ` the way of the warrior 
is resolute acceptance 
of death ` `

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