Profile of Ponderosa: Quick Facts
Moontide Pup
Played By: Maddy
Basic Info
Full Name: Ponderosa Morningbreeze
Subspecies: Grey x Makenzie River wolf
Size: Small, Pudgy
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 0.2 years (4/23/2024)
Birthplace: Ocean’s Breath Plateau
At a Glance
A small black and red potato. Later on: Her dark fur with russet hues, bright golden eyes, a stocky build.

[Image: 81187104_TGfLFP3HDZEIkVV.png]
Profile of Ponderosa: Details
Dark like her daddy, with a light shade of black on top with a darker shade under and her father’s white spot upon her chest. Upon her snout and ears she wears her mother’s warm russet, with the same russet ticking upon her back. She is graceful, but as she grows she will become stocky, an example of strength and grace. She has the bright, gilded yellow eyes of her father. She also has a tuft of fur on her forehead.

[Image: 84043185_vsaVcnVYAS9Wru5.png]
She is a quiet little lady, learning through watching, listening instead of speaking. Shy at first, cautious of the new and ever changing world around her. Stays close to her family.

More complicated traits to be determined as she grows through in-character events.
She was born to first time parents Sumac and Raindrop MorningBreeze, in a warm and cozy Oceanside den alongside three sisters: Pine, Silvertip and Angel Oak.

To be continued
Father: Sumac Morningbreeze
Mother: Raindrop Morningbreeze
Siblings: Silvertip, Pine, and Angel Oak (‘24).

Adoptive relatives in the Mornigsides, through adoption of Sumac by Easy Morningside.
Pack History
Moontide: 4/23/2024 - present.
Profile of Ponderosa: Additional Information
Registered on February 20, 2024, last visited July 10, 2024, 02:40 AM
Parents are free to power play this little potato.

25 days — 2 months: Socialization

Equivalent human age: 4 years — 11 years
Vocalization: Full range of vocalization. Can speak fluently by the the time they are 3 months.

Conception thread:

Art Credits
Art done by me, unless otherwise stated.
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