Profile of Nanou: Quick Facts
Swiftcurrent Creek Epsilon
Played By: Bone
Basic Info
Full Name: Nanou
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Zodiac: Capricornβ™‘
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 3 (1/07/2021)
Birthplace: Blackrock Grotto (Natal pack, out of world)
At a Glance
A particular interest in things of beauty.
Mask of stoicism shed to something far softer, far more sensitive.

Scent of mulberry clings to her coat.
Profile of Nanou: Details

[Image: IMG-4987.png]

Long-limbed, spider-like. A pelage draped in ink and stormy hues.
Her gaze is the colour of flickering embers; turmoil dancing beneath.
Across her chest and muzzle, steel tones; the signature of her mother, hold her in delicate embrace.


Aloof, Reserved, Cold, Soft-hearted, Intense, Perceptive

Shadowed maiden, dishonour haunts her steps. Guilt seeps into the very soil she stands on; torn between familial duty, and personal freedom. A gentle soldier, ruthless as she is softened.



A watcher, a weaver, Nanou threads a labyrinth of snares which serve to lay bare anothers intent, whilst masking her own. Carefully curated, as all aspects of the tenebrous woman are. Speaks in a deep and sullen, honeyed voice.

Departed from her natal pack, one of military upbringing, she'd refused to settle for mediocrity, rebellion always flickering in the flame dancer's heart. To be a dulled blade, ultimately cast aside was not the life she'd wished for herself; she'd grown a festering hatred towards those who settled, and ultimately sought to cut all ties. She'd direct her skills unto that of her own choosing.

The freedom of true choice withheld for much of her youth, she's terribly indulgent.

Pack History
Blackrock Grotto (out of world): Birth-2yr6mo
Loner: 2yr6mo-3yrs
Swiftcurrent Creek: Present
Profile of Nanou: Additional Information
Registered on February 28, 2024, last visited 3 hours ago
Art Credits
Appearance full body by Bone/myself, avatar by the lovely twnfantasy <3
Wolf pic sourced from World of wolves on pinterest + dawnthieves
Oil painting faceclaim by Guido Mauas
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I'm a flexible writer, and can adapt to most any situation, open for pms and requests and ofc ic planning. :)

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