Profile of Arktos: Quick Facts
Yellowstone Alpha
Mate to Nephele
Played By: Delaney
Basic Info
Full Name: Arktos Yellowstone
AKA: Badlands
Epithets: Warbear
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Gigantic, Muscular
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 2 years (December 7, 2021)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: 8f7697ecf8f68b47c34021c1f9e6a48d4ec534ad.gif]
Profile of Arktos: Details
an aristocratic air clings like an aura on his large frame; thick with muscle. fjord forged, draped in silken blue-blacks, stone-greys and accents of blonde and charcoal black with moss green eyes. bears several scars across his body of varying sizes.

  • sounds like: deep, low baritone to match his size; quieted
  • face claim: cole hauser as rip wheeler in yellowstone
  • songs: take the lonely · hayden coffman
    last train to nowhere · ghost hounds
    home team · lakeview
    need a favor · jelly roll
    come get your memory · chase matthews
    devil you know · tyler braden
[Image: 69989308_yRuMVEThsas4aG3.png]
arktos, the man with no past. arktos, the challenger · ISTP. there is a distinct soldier-esque quality about arktos; a sharp militaristic way of things, that disguises a dominate and assertive personality with the bone deep need to serve and protect; both of which are true despite being polarizing natures. in the way he speaks: with order and intention, the way he moves, the way he thinks. logic governs him over sentiment. while he can be gruff ( brooding ), brutish ( violent ) even, there is a clear carving of empathy to him, though it requires some digging and patience.

  • refers to his first memory as 'ground zero'
  • suffers from PTSD and has a notable 'thousand yard stare'
  • has a deep rooted hatred & prejudice towards coyotes & coywolves ( by proxy )

[Image: 1f15fb4930cc690606317ceb06b1561d01e6db3d.gif]

only in-game relations are noted. · indicates unknown in-game relation.
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Profile of Arktos: Additional Information
Registered on February 29, 2024, last visited Yesterday, 06:28 PM
arktos is an unreliable narrator; which means his recounting of events/conversations etc. will not always be accurate to how it actually happened in thread; it is liable to be twisted to fit his narrative, colored by his emotions/perception at the time, etc.
additional psa: arktos is a mature and potentially a seriously unlikeable character; harboring ugly prejudices among other flaws. it is important to note that his thoughts/actions do not reflect how i feel about you/your character(s) at all. please be aware that he might be triggering when reading/writing with him and do so at your own discretion.
Art Credits
avatar: metic
profile art:
  • signature: neopeita
  • appearance: sicrownux
  • personality: strayqueen
  • header: shapetales
  • additional information: cas
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