Profile of Galathilion: Quick Facts
Played By: xynien
Basic Info
Full Name: Galathilion Sunchaser Nuiruk
Subspecies: Mixed wolf
Size: Medium
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (03.21.2024)
Birthplace: Sequoia Coast
Profile of Galathilion: Details
A formidable wolf in the fashion of his forebears, of average height with a sleek, pantherine musculature as he ages. Elegant, effeminate; a distinct resemblance to his mother, Wilwarin. The Sunchaser is effortlessly poised, but his pale eyes are always somber.
Profile of Galathilion: Additional Information
Registered on March 18, 2024, last visited (Hidden)
Name meaning: Comes from the words galadh(tree), and thil (shine silver; white light); meaning something along the lines of "Son of the White Tree."
Art Credits
Kite/Talamasca for appearance.
Player Notes
Please direct all PMs to my player account.
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